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Nick Wright Playoff Rankings

Known idiot Nick Wright thinks the Philadelphia Eagles are a fifth tier team entering the 2022-23 NFL Playoffs

Another day, another example of the national media discrediting the Philadelphia Eagles for the sole purpose of engagement on social media. 

Nothing was a more obvious example of this than Max Kellerman on ESPN yesterday, when he didn’t even list Jalen Hurts as a Top 3-Tier quarterback in the playoffs. 

Max Kellerman is smoking crack


Cass broke down Kellerman and why that was such a ridiculous thing to do right here.

I’ll continue to the latest example below. 

  • The national media knows exactly what they are doing. They don’t even believe the bullshit they put out on television and in news publications. It’s actually a simple recipe that clearly works. 
  • Identify the team that has the most passionate and intelligent sports fans.
  • Post all over social media and talk about it relentlessly on whatever program they are featured on. 
  • Sit back as your engagement numbers go through the roof because you said something completely ridiculous about the team with the most passionate and intelligent sports fans and they responded. 

Here’s Nick Wright from FS1’s First Things First

In no way, shape, or form, does Nick Wright actually believe that the Eagles fifth-tier playoff team. Jalen Hurts went 14-1 as a starter this season and the Eagles as a team were 14-3 overall. They have the No. 1 seed in the NFC, they won 11 out of 17 NFC awards throughout the season, and they have one of the most dominant offenses and defenses in the NFL. 

Wright’s reasoning was that the Eagles struggled in the playoffs last year. This was a team that squeaked into the playoffs when literally no one thought they’d be there at the end of the season in the first place.

They also had first year starter Jalen Hurts under center and unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5-6 months, you know damn well Hurts this year is a completely different quarterback. 

I mean honestly, what are we doing here? How did we as a society fall as low as being hamsters in a cage, letting the national media control our actions and emotions for their own benefit? 

This is always my issue with social media. People choose to engage and follow accounts and turn on their televisions to watch people like Nick Wright say this type of bullshit. They watch and follow Max Kellerman, Skip Bayless, and other “hot take” personalities that provide nothing to the sports we know and love. By doing so, it gives them a platform. 

And yes, even writing this article supports that as well but I just wanted to point out the obvious disregard for actual sports content by other “media members” that shouldn’t be doing this type of shit. 

The best way to fight it is to unfollow these accounts, don’t turn on the television, and completely ignore them which would ultimately send their careers into dust particles in the realm of irrelevancy. 

One can only dream. 

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