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Worst Bet Ever: NYC Mayor Eric Adams proposes a vegan cheesecake bet with Philly Mayor for the Giants-Eagles game

Earlier this week, New York City’s mayor Eric Adams proposed a friendly wager on the Giants-Eagles game Saturday night with Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney. 

So what’s the wager? 

According to reports, Eric Adams is thinking something “plant-based” (of course, lol) and proposed that the winner takes home a vegan cheesecake. Probably the worst proposal in Mayor vs. Mayor sports betting history, right? 

NYC Mayor Bets Jim Kenney…A Vegan Cheesesteak?

A vegan cheesecake? Lol. 

What’s even more bizarre is how Eric Adams worded it, stating, “I’m going to reach out to the mayor of Philadelphia, and I’m going to give him a vegan cheesecake.” 

Way to waive the white towel dude. You basically just admitted defeat on Tuesday. I understand that Giants fans get mad about literally everything but maybe lay off Jalen Brunson for rocking a Jalen Hurts jersey last night at Madison Square Garden and focus on your mayor’s embarrassing bet proposal. 

This has to be the worst bet ever. I don’t even know how it was made public. Yet again, our politicians prove to be the lamest people in America, yet somehow, are able to earn the votes of regular day people when the polls open.

The office of Eric Adams must be completely out of touch with sports and betting. 

Here’s what should have happened. 

Be self-aware about the headlines leading up to Saturday night’s game. 

What’s the biggest trending story on the internet regarding the Giants-Eagles game? 


I mean, hell, the New York Post even wrote about Nick Sirianni eating Pizza. This is too easy. 

The bet should have been each mayor’s Top 5 pizza’s from their respective cities to be delivered in person for whoever the winner is. A vegan cheesecake is corny as hell. 

If Mayor Kenney had any balls, he would publicly turn down the bet proposal and tell Eric Adams he’s softer than baby shit and would rather eat a cheesesteak, soft pretzel, and a slice from Angelo’s in South Philadelphia than a shitty plant-based cheesecake. 

Unfortunately, we all know he won’t, so it’s really a non-story. Plus, the Eagles will destroy the Giants on Saturday night, so why even waste your time? 

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