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Phillies Jumbotron

Citizens Bank Park Update: Phillies add logo atop of massive new scoreboard

Quick progress update on the Philadelphia Phillies new jumbotron at Citizens Bank Park. We now have the full scoreboard intact and the “Phillies” logo sitting atop of it.

Phillies logo on new Scoreboard

Look, I’m all for some ballpark upgrades and the new Jumbotron looks fantastic.

However, if I’m going to nitpick the new feature at Citizens Bank Park, I would have to point out how the Phillies logo isn’t centered at the top. Again, I don’t want to be petty about it and it’s likely my ADHD just controlling my brain, but what’s the harm in centering the Phillies logo?

I would assume it has something to do with how the logo is viewed outside of the ballpark. I drove by today as I headed to the Northeast on 95 and the new logo POPS above the ballpark walls, so maybe centering it will impede on that?

Not sure and honestly, I don’t care.

Just give me warm weather and Phillies baseball, with a touch of Rhys Hoskins and Trea Turner putting holes all through the new scoreboard.

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