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Phillies fans arguing

Whoever filmed and shared this video of Phillies’ fans arguing at Citizens Bank Park last night is a total weirdo

A young couple was caught on video last night as an argument unfolded in the stands at Citizens Bank Park during the Phillies, Red Sox game. 

The video is now being shared across social media, so I figured we would get a post up about it, but not for the reason many of you are probably thinking.

Phillies Fans Creepily Filmed while Arguing in the Stands at Citizens Bank Park

Listen, I don’t mind writing about pretty much anything trending on the internet.

That’s why I have this website because I like to share my opinions.

I don’t however, really like these types of videos.

I understand that it’s hypocritical writing about this while saying that these types of videos suck and shouldn’t even be filmed and shared in the first place, but I’m really focusing on the person who actually took the time to film this.

Someone actually filmed these two arguing then shared it with accounts like Barstool Philly during a Phillies game.

Does anyone else think this is creepy?

There’s not anything crazy happening here besides a young guy and girl getting in an argument and then ultimately, leaving the game. The situation itself was handled rather well and to diffuse the argument, the guy took the initiative to just leave the stands. Smart move.

If people are having sex in the stands, getting girls numbers, doing disgusting things in the bathroom stalls at a sporting event, or beating the crap out of each other at a tailgate or in a ballpark/stadium, then yes, that’s viral content that should be shared and posted about because that’s what the internet is used for.

As for this video? Not really sure if the same rules apply, unfortunately. 

It’s beyond weird behavior by the person who filmed this.

Looks like these two were having a rough night and now they are plastered all over the internet with Barstool, Jomboy, and a million other outlets sharing the post. 

Have some dignity people.

We were all that age once and have definitely all been in some type of argument in public with either yourself or whoever you’re with being unreasonable. 

The fact that someone then filmed this and shared it is the only disgusting thing I see here. Focus on the game and leave people alone. You can’t be getting second level video of an innocent argument and then plastering it on social media. That’s just crazy and really, unacceptable.

Phillies will look to avoid getting swept by the Boston Red Sox today at 1:35PM.

Check out the preview here >>

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  1. Who would film a young couple arguing? Someone known to us as a “KAREN” or “DARREN”? These are people who DO NOT KNOW HOW TO MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS. Otherwise known as a (busybody)

  2. Bet all of you want to know what they were arguing about 🤔 So who’s the weirdo🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. As you mentioned, everything else goes on the internet. This is part of the everything. I’ve seen worse. No problem with this.

  4. You know what’s even sadder then someone recording this? That someone out there is getting getting paid pennies to write about it… get a job🤣🤣🤣

  5. You are good with fights and bathroom disgusting acts but not this? Now that’s weird.

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