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Christian Walker Ejection Clapping

Ump Show: Christian Walker ejected for clapping in support of a check-swing call made by the umpires in last night’s D-Backs game

Arizona Diamondbacks first baseman Christian Walker was ejected from last night’s game after he was clapping in support of a call made by the umpire crew. 

Ump Show: Christian Walker Ejected for….Clapping?

I am fully aware that the “Ump Show” blogs will run out of steam eventually but some videos from across Major League Baseball simply cannot be ignored. 

The fact that Christian Walker got ejected for clapping after literally acknowledging the correct call was made by the umpires is a new level of ridiculousness that had to be addressed. 

The context here is that Walker actually struck out the inning before on a check swing, which had him upset with the umpires. When it happened again the next inning and the correct call was actually made, that prompted Walker to clap in support from the dugout, obviously trying to be an asshole but still, it definitely wasn’t enough to get ejected from the game. 

Plus, the game was tied 4-4 in the bottom of the sixth inning. Throwing someone out for clapping in the dugout seems pretty excessive at that point. 

These umpires continue to prove time and time again that they are just a bunch of emotional, ego-fueled dorks that can’t let things go. Why is the umpire even worried about Christian Walker clapping in the dugout in the first place? Focus on the game and stop letting your feelings get hurt when players respond to something that happens during the game. It’s pathetic. 

Luckily, the Diamondbacks improved to 21-18 on the season and ended up wining last night’s game 7-5 against the San Francisco Giants. 

JT Realmuto Spring Training Ejection Still Worst EVER

This was the second worst one I’ve seen this season with the first being JT Realmuto at the end of Spring Training getting ejected because he accidentally moved his glove too quickly and the home plate umpire dropped the baseball in the dirt. 

Originally tweeted by The Liberty Line (@LibertyLinePHL) on March 27, 2023.

Officiating crews need to relax in general. No one gives a shit about you and really, no one should even know who you are or what you are doing out on the field, basketball court, or baseball diamond. 

The Philadelphia Phillies have now won four straight games following last night’s 6-3 win over the Colorado Rockies and are back in action tonight in Colorado with Ranger Suarez making his 2023 season debut.

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