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What’s the best route from West Palm Beach to Clearwater, Florida?

Anyone know the best route from West Palm Beach to Clearwater, Florida?

As you might have heard by now, The Liberty Line completely dropped the ball in our travel plans with Phans of Philly down to Tampa for the Eagles Monday Night Football matchup against the Buccaneers.

Have to be honest, I have flown on a million planes and never in my life was I turned away at the gates after arriving a solid 15 minutes ahead of time. I understand the flight was overbooked and there were people waiting in standby but for maybe just let it breathe, ya know? 

Anyways, Conway broke it all down right here.

Phans of Philly set us up for success and in typical fashion we delivered with complete failure. 

Here’s a quick video breakdown of what happened so you can catch up before I explain to why we are now heading to West Palm Peach instead of Tampa. 

So yeah, we arrived in the airport at 7AM and won’t be departing until 3:45PM. We’re now headed to West Palm Beach which is on the opposite side of Florida, setting us up for a smooth 4+ hours in the car on our way to Clearwater to finally meet up with the hundreds of Eagles fans that didn’t completely screw up their flights this morning. 

My question, is what exactly is the best way to drive across Florida? I know that the central part of the state really isn’t much to write home about but we have to head west somehow, right? 

West Palm Beach to Clearwater, Florida

We have been sitting in PHL International since 7AM and our flight to West Palm isn’t happening until 3:45PM.

Wish us luck. We’ll keep you posted. 

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