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Eagles Fans Tampa Reporter

WATCH: Tampa reporter swarmed by Eagles fans outside Raymond James Stadium following Monday Night Football vs Bucs

The Philadelphia Eagles beat Baker Mayfield and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 25-11 on Monday Night Football last night, and the “takeover” of Raymond James Stadium was a massive success. 

According to reports, 59% in attendance were Eagles fans but honestly, being at the game, it felt like much more than that. Regardless, we’ll take it as a “win” for The Liberty Line and Phans of Philly, who pulled off yet another amazing 4-day travel package with hundreds of Birds fans taking over Clearwater Beach, Florida.

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No one felt the “Bird Effect” more than this local Tampa reporter, who was overwhelmed on last night’s broadcast following the game.

Tampa Local Media Reporter Mobbed by Eagles Fans

On Monday Night Football with the home team 2-0 playing the defending NFC Champions and there wasn’t a single Bucs fan in sight.

You really hate to see it.

Granted, most Bucs fans left the game around halftime, which I definitely don’t blame them given the fact that the Eagles held a commanding lead throughout the game and there were Birds fans literally everywhere tailgating and inside the gates of Raymond James Stadium last night.

To actually be a fan of a team and have that happen to you at home would be pretty devastating even more so when your entire team is branded off being “pirates” and taking over things, only to have Eagles’ fans swoop in and turn an away game into an easy home game last night.

Leaving Raymond James Stadium after Birds win 25-11

The Liberty Line will be traveling with Phans of Philly on three different Eagles trips. 

  • September 25th: Philadelphia Eagles at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (W)
  • October 8th: Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams
  • November 20th: Philadelphia Eagles at Kansas City Chiefs 

Next up, we’re heading to Los Angeles for the Eagles vs Rams.

Quick turnaround for sure, but with Phans of Philly, you literally have nothing to worry about. Traveling and planning a trip after you just return home is already done for you. Even if you’re not going “all-in” on a travel package, snag tailgate tickets out in Los Angeles and we’ll see you there.

Phans of Philly – Travel and Tailgate Packages Still Available

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November 20th: Philadelphia Eagles at Kansas City Chiefs >>

December 10th: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys >>

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TBD: Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants >>

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