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Bryce Harper Super Healing Qualities

ESPN’s Top 40 Player Rankings for the MLB Postseason features only 2 Phillies players with Bryce Harper checking in at No. 40

ESPN’s David Schoenfield ranked the Top 40 players in the 2023 MLB postseason and the list contains ONLY TWO guys on the Phillies roster in Zack Wheeler and Bryce Harper.

I regret to inform you that David Shoenfield is smoking crack. I mean honestly, there’s really no possible way any sober or quite frankly, sane person would ever even consider putting Bryce Fucking Harper at No. 40 on the Top 40 Postseason Players list. 

Here’s what this idiot had to say about Bryce Harper. 

40. Bryce Harper, 1B, Phillies

Strength: The final numbers turned out fine — .293/.401/.499, 21 home runs — but it took 16 home runs the final two months to get there after failing to hit for much power when he returned quickly from Tommy John surgery. His second-half numbers are a better representation of what to look for in October: .296/.413/.583. More than anything, however, it’s his ability to rise to the occasion. Who can forget the home run off Robert Suarez to clinch last year’s NLCS?

Weakness: This is kind of odd, given Harper has one of the highest walk rates in the majors and an average strikeout rate, but his whiff rate is way down in the 11th percentile. So he swings and misses a lot. And his chase rate is also way down in the 21st percentile. Let’s just say he doesn’t get cheated on his swings.

Nope. That’s just bad. Can’t have it, David.

Bryce Harper batted .349 with seven home runs, seven doubles, six walks, and 13 RBI during last year’s postseason. In 36 career postseason games, Harper is averaging .273 with 11 home runs, 11 doubles, a triple, and 17 walks. 

The House that Bryce Harper Built

What are we even talking about?

Not to mention, Bryce Harper had a batting average of .352 with 81 hits, 15 homers, 45 RBIs and 49 runs scored in 67 games at home this season. The Miami Marlins are about to enter “4 Hours of Hell” at Citizens Bank Park in a 3-game series that won’t be played anywhere else but Citizens Bank Park.

Why even mention his recovery from Tommy John surgery and his slow start in getting his power back? That literally has nothing to do with postseason baseball and has zero weight in this conversation.

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Honestly, I love this. What a horrible list. ESPN is an absolute joke. The fact that they are even carrying Wild Card series broadcasts is an insult to baseball.

Check the full list here if you want to dumb yourself down before the Phillies destroy the Marlins tonight.

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