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Luis Arraez Jazz Chisholm

Luis Arraez and Jazz Chisholm delivered two of the worst takes in the history of sports leading up to and during the Wild Card Series against the Phillies

Luis Arraez and Jazz Chisholm delivered two of the worst takes in the history of sports leading up to and during the Wild Card Series against the Phillies.

Listen, I don’t mean to pile on the Marlins.

Anyone who watched a second of baseball this season knew this team was a complete joke from the start. They were the definition of “pretenders” all year and the Phillies made sure everyone knew that in the two games at Citizens Bank Park for the NL Wild Card series.

I will say, however, when you make ridiculous statements like the ones below, then you really do deserve the criticism. We’ll start with Luis Arraez after the Marlins lost Game 1 and then jump further back to Jazz Chisholm who was running his mouth before the series even started.

Luis Arraez’s parents went straight to Atlanta for the NLDS

Honestly, what a WILD thing to say after you lose Game 1 of the Wild Card on the road to the Phillies in what’s just a 3-game series to begin with. Maybe the pain meds Arraez was taking for his bum ankle really hit him hard when he walked up to the podium? That’s really the only explanation. 

At the same time, I’m rather concerned for Luis Arraez and his family. Now what happens?

What is the Arraez family going to do in Atlanta? If they had any self respect, they would all attend the Phillies-Braves NLDS series wearing Phillies gear after what happened earlier this week to the Fish when baseball fans across America collectively laughed Miami out of the NL Wild Card. 

That has to be the dumbest statement behind his teammate Jazz Chisholm Jr who said before the Wild Card Series even started that “No team likes the lights more than the Marlins.” 

Jazz Chisholm Talking Complete Nonsense Before the NL Wild Card Series vs Phillies

“…nobody thought we would, and that’s what we liked the most.  We love that nobody thinks we’re supposed to be here. That fuels us even more. If you think about how it fuels the players, you should think about how it fuels our manager and coaching staff. That fuels them to a T. I feel like it just makes us go more.. and no team likes the lights more than the Marlins, I can tell you that… Arraez loves the lights, Soler loves the lights, and you’re dang sure I love the lights. That’s what we live for and we can’t wait to get this started… no Thursday.

Note: Jazz Chisholm, whose real name is Jasrado Hermis Arrington Chisholm Jr, went 0-for-8 from the plate in the two games agains the Phillies.

Luis Arraez and Jazz Chisholm

Oh man. Straight zeros across the board, Jazz. Tough look.

I’m not sure anyone should refer to you as Jazz moving forward. You’re now Jasrado until further notice. At the very least, you have to notch more than one hit in 19 at-bats in the postseason. I really don’t think that’s too much to ask, right?

Those lights appeared to be a little too bright. There was no Thursday because the Marlins forgot to play baseball on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I guess we can give Jazz credit on that one. He and his teammates certainly need a win as they enter offseason.

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