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Phillies Fan runs onto field Citizens Bank Park

Disgusting Behavior: Phillies fan who ran on the field at Citizens Bank Park after series-clinching Wild Card win against the Marlins

There’s always someone that has to act like a total loser when everything else happening around them is nothing but pure joy. Last night while the Phillies were beating the crap out of the Miami Marlins, a Phillies fan decided to accept a $1,000 bet to run onto the field at Citizens Bank Park.

Phillies Fan Accepts $1,000 Bet to Run on Field at Citizens Bank Park

Let be very clear about something. This kid stinks out loud.

Running onto the field is a loser move in general and when you pair that with the fact that he did it for $1,000.00 while his other buddies, presumably from high school act like that is a significant amount of money, then the entire seen is complete cringe. 

You have other sections where Phillies’ fans are spending $4,500 to buy their entire section beers not once, but TWICE during the game last night. Then you have these rats pulling shit like this. Just a bad look for everyone involved.

To make matters worse, the kid posed for a picture after the fact holding up his Citizens Bank Park banned letter and the $1,000.00 cash he received for taking the field. Of course, the fake Barstool account that’s “All Things Philly” ate that shit up. No surprise there.


I have no idea if the reply tweet below is true but worth considering..

Quick Note on the Tweet: If you leave Citizens Bank Park early during a series-clinching playoff game to “beat traffic” then you’re a fucking loser too.

My initial thought was that this kids parents must be PISSED but if that reply is true and this kid was with his dad and he let his son do this then we’re all doomed.

That’s the downfall of America right there.

The Phillies are celebrating on the field and you let your out of shape son run on the field for $1,000?

Disgusting behavior. I hope the entire family loses their season tickets.

Anyone know who put up the $1,000? They should all be banned as well. What a bunch of idiots.

According to Crossing Broad, the fine for running on the field is $5,000 so this kid is still a smooth $4K in the hole.

Also, miss me with the “this kid is going to be a legend at high school” narrative too. Take another look at this bozo. Not even running on the field could save him from not getting shoved into a locker. 

As for the lifetime ban from Citizens Bank Park, that part doesn’t even matter. There’s no way that security can prevent this dweeb from entering the ballpark again regardless. Pretty sure all this kid has to do is have a friend purchase the tickets and you walk right in and take a seat. Easy peasy. 

I would however, suggest that someone does catch this guy entering the park again and hand him over the authorities so they book him with trespassing and other charges to really drain his bank account. 

I’m no narc by any means, but when the Phillies are locked in trying to make another World Series run and Citizens Bank Park is looking like the Mecca of Major League Baseball on national television, this is the last person I want getting any type of media attention. 

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