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Zaxby's Philly Troll Video

Cringeworthy: Zaxby’s miserable attempt at ‘trolling’ the city of Philadelphia over Rocky, Cheesesteaks, and the Art Museum steps

Zaxby’s a popular fast food chicken joint only found in the South dropped quite the promo today in attempt to rile up Phillies fans and the city of Brotherly Love ahead of tonight’s NLDS Game 3. 

Of course, it was completely cringe and in social media marketing terms failed miserably.

In the tweet, Zaxby’s posted a video of Dolph Lundgren eating a cheesesteak or I guess, chicken cheesesteak, on the Art Museum steps in attempt to troll people from the city of Philadelphia. 

Yeah I know. It’s as bad as it sounds. Watch.

Zaxby’s, Dolph Lundgren, Phillies Troll, Rocky? No Clue what this is

Update: They deleted the video. Screenshots only. lol.

Zaxby's Philly Troll

Here’s what upsets Philadelphians more, Zaxby’s…

Companies like you, who know nothing about the city of Philadelphia, Zaxby’s apparently thinks that everyone in Philly just sits around and watches old Rocky movies while eating cheesesteaks all day.

This must be the worst marketing campaign I have ever seen in my life.

Posted at noon today, ahead of tonight’s pivotal Game 3 of the NLDS against Atlanta with the Braves running a bullpen game to avoid going down 2-1 in the series for the second straight season. 

Zaxby’s has nearly 100K followers on Twitter. This one has been up for HOURS and literally has 13 likes, 5 reposts, and 2 comments.

That’s just a failure from all parties involved.

Zaxby's Phillies Troll

Home Cookin’ Tonight at Citizens Bank Park

Kick rocks, Zaxby’s.

The Philadelphia Phillies are 24-11 at Citizens Bank Park during the postseason. That’s good for a .686 winning percentage, which is the best in the playoffs for any team, in any park. They are 49-32 at home this season, has won 8 of its past 10 postseason games at home.

Aaron Nola vs Braves’ Bullpen

Nola was strong in Game 2 of the NL Wild Card Series last Wednesday, tossing seven scoreless innings. He’s 1-0 with a 1.37 ERA in his last 3 three starts with 19 strikeouts and just one walk over 19.2 innings. Against the Braves, Nola has a 3.50 ERA in three seasons. At home, those numbers improve in the Phillies’ favor, with Nola posting a 12-3 record with a 2.59 ERA over 18 starts at Citizens Bank Park. 

The Braves decided to get cute by not naming their Game 3 starting pitcher, but we recently learned they will be going with Bryce Edler tonight at The Bank. Edler, who dominated earlier in the 2023 season before coming way back down to earth after the All-Star break, posting a miserable 5.11 ERA during that span, while an even worse 5.68 ERA in the month of September. 

Read Tonight’s Full Game Preview Here >>

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  1. The Zaxbys commercial had nothing to do with the Phillies. They have had billboards all over Philadelphia for months advertising that sandwich. It is excellent

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