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Eagles fan reading book at bar

Question: Is it a violation to sit at the bar and read a book during a Philadelphia Eagles game?

In a video posted on social media, a couple was seen out at the bar during Sunday’s 38-31 Philadelphia Eagles victory over the Washington Commanders.

In the video, the woman shown was reading a book while sitting at the bar, which sparked the discussion on whether or not it’s acceptable to have a book out during the game while at a public restaurant.

Woman reading book at the bar during an Eagles game

Disclosure: This video clip is a very small sample size of what actually happened at the bar during the game. I am well aware of that. Thank you.

Honestly, I will happily give credit to the woman for making a trip out to the bar because her guy friend wanted to watch the Eagles game. That’s certainly a plus and even while she appears to have zero interest, she’s in the mix, supporting her man and I guess the Birds, right?

I mean, the first part is definitely true but as for the second part in “showing support”, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to say that’s a bit of a stretch. I can’t buy in to the fact that this is just a sign of the girl “supporting her man” by going to the bar if she is going to be completely unengaged with what’s happening around her while reading a book. That is hardly a sign of support. 

Bringing a book while sitting at the actual bar, specifically on NFL Sundays and even more specifically during an Eagles game is a complete violation. There’s no way in hell that’s acceptable. At at the very least, if that’s what you’re going to do then you need to be at a table away from the bar, which is always considered to be prime real estate. That just can’t happen. 

As for the guy in this situation, I’m not really sure what to think. What was the conversation beforehand about going to the bar to watch the Birds? Was this an argument that ended in “I’ll go but only if I can read my book” and he just gave in so he wouldn’t miss any of the game? 

From there, they both show up to the bar and he’s wearing sandals with his legs and hands intertwined with hers while the game is on and she’s again, just reading?

At that point, why not just grab a case of beers, stay home, and watch the game together?

All this quick video clip shows me is that these two are one of those couples that do EVERYTHING together and can’t be away from each other even for an afternoon, which is no good either.

So many questions. Very little answers. Going to have to rule in favor of a violation. Go Birds.

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