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Cam Newton shared an insane story of when he tried to get the No. 1 jersey from Jimmy Clausen during his time with the Carolina Panthers

In a recent video posted on social media, Cam Newton shared a story about the time he tried to get the No. 1 jersey from Jimmy Clausen during his time with the Carolina Panthers.

Cam Newton on getting No. 1 from Jimmy Clausen in Carolina

Honestly, I really don’t have an issue with Jimmy Clausen standing his ground here, he just did so in one of the corniest ways possible. 

Think about it. Cam Newton wanted Clausen to just roll over and give him his jersey number? Seriously? He just won a National Championship and Heisman Trophy and then arrived in Carolina looking to steal Clausen’s job.

If Jimmy Clausen handed over the number free of charge, that’s basically giving the guy who was brought in to take your job a free path to success. Clausen would have never (and never) survived in an NFL locker room if he did that. 

The problem here is that hindsight is always 20/20 and Cam Newton got the last laugh. The “last time Jimmy Clausen will ever be heard of in Carolina” is such a killer line and that’s basically exactly what happened. 

Again, Clausen wanting money wasn’t the issue. But the entire negotiation and how things unfolded after the fact make him look like a complete dork. 

Ask yourself the following questions…

Was a million dollars too big of an asking price? Absolutely.

Was dropping the price down to $750K after “talking to his people” one of the cringiest lines ever delivered in a jersey number negotiation? Absolutely. 

Did Jimmy Clausen prove at that very moment in time he would never be successful in the NFL while fueling the fire of a young and extremely talented quarterback in Cam Newton? Absolutely. 

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