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Grant Williams Eagles Jersey

Grant Williams catching heat from Dak Prescott’s brother, Dallas fans and media after wearing a Jason Kelce jersey Sunday night

While the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Dallas Cowboys 28-23 on Sunday afternoon, the Dallas Mavericks played the Charlotte Hornets later that night. 

Following the game, Mavericks’ Grant Williams spoke with the media and took the podium wearing a Kelly Green jersey while wishing a happy birthday to No. 62 Jason Kelce in the process. 

Williams scored 18 points and the Mavericks beat the Hornets. It goes without saying, they were the ONLY Dallas team to win on Sunday. 

Grant Williams wearing a Eagles’ Kelly Green Jason Kelce jersey Sunday night

“Jason Kelce, you know, best center in the game,” Williams said. “Happy birthday Jason Kelce, too, shoutout on the win.”

On the season, the Mavs have posted a 6-1 record and are only a half game back of the Denver Nuggets (7-1) for first place in the Western Conference Standings. 

You’d think the vibes would be pretty high in Dallas, at least for their basketball team, right? 

Not even close. 

Honestly, it makes sense. I couldn’t even imagine if Joel Embiid took the podium after a Sixers’ win wearing a Dak Prescott or Micah Parsons jersey. That would be absolutely insane and no, I’m not comparing Williams and Embiid but you get the point. 

Williams has been under attack over the last few days from Dallas fans and media because he wore his Jason Kelce jersey postgame. 

Even Dak Prescott’s brother threw a hissy fit over the fact that Williams was wearing an Eagles jersey, quote tweeting the video saying “Is he fucking serious. You play for a Dallas franchise, and this is the shit you pull, must not want the love of the fans or city.”

Williams, responded with an all-time comeback, posting the picture of Micah Parsons wearing a Sixers jersey during the playoffs in Philly last season and saying that he has nothing but love and support for the Cowboys BUT it’s always Fly Eagles Fly. 

Grant Williams Shuts Down to Tad Prescott on Twitter

Gotta love it. Also Tad Prescott. LOL. Bro you don’t even play football and you’re not from Dallas.

Maybe sit this one out. 

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