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Vikings fan, Packers Fan, Bears Fan Peace Treaty

WATCH: A 3-way treaty between Packers, Vikings, and Bears fans provide hope that one day planet Earth will one day achieve world peace

In a recent video posted online, a Green Bay Packers fan and a Minnesota Vikings fan were walking into a football game and noticed a Chicago Bears fan ahead of them. 

Realizing that the finally had some common ground, the Packers and Vikings fan declared that “it was over with” for the Bears fan. As they approached the fan, the entire plan was quickly altered. Let’s run the tape. 

Packers Fan. Vikings Fan. Bears Fan. Peace Treaty

Holy hell. What a beautiful moment. I haven’t seen deescalation tactics work so successfully in quite some time. They rival the conversations held between Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un.

The quick reaction from everyone involved in the video to immediately get on the same page to avoid what could have been a messy situation is impressive. 

The fact that these guys managed to form a three-way treaty outside of one of the holiest landmarks on planet earth, Lambeau Field, makes me confident they can accomplish any issue that’s brought to their attention. 

Send these guys over to the Middle East and let’s see what type of work they can get done in resolving the escalating feud between Israel and Palestine.

Videos like the one above give me hope for humanity in general, even if that hope only lasts as long as the video.

(24 seconds)

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