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Jalen Carter Shoplifting Rumors

Breakdown: Ex-Barstool Sports employee and band of heathens allege Jalen Carter was involved in a shoplifting incident last night in Philadelphia

Last night, a video was posted by Jeff Nadu, a previous employee of Barstool Sports, on Twitter alleging an incident with Philadelphia Eagles rookie Jalen Carter and Philadelphia Police after he was “caught shoplifting” by not scanning all of the products while in a self-checkout line.

Jeff Nadu: Fairytale shoplifting story involving Eagles Rookie Jalen Carter

Nadu, a Lancaster, Pennsylvania resident, apparently had sources within the Philadelphia Police Department that Jalen Carter was either shoplifting or with people (girlfriend) that failed to scan every item in a self-checkout line. Upon getting questioned by the police when he exited the store, Carter apparently was being a smart ass. 

That’s what Mr. Jeff Nadu was saying here in his video. Yes, I know it’s very hard to take him seriously given the fact that he looks like a bag of Milk with a bowl cut, but he has in the past, attempted to hide his hideousness by using stock photos of other men on his dating profiles.

Jeff Nadu Catfishing Girls on Dating Apps

(Credit to Nadu for knowing that he’s disgusting looking, I guess.)

Anyways, Nadu named dropped a retired Philadelphia Police officer that “confirmed” his story. That brings us to Sgt. Mark Fusetti, a retired police officer, who apparently still has sources within the department and now works as in private security as a contractor. 

I smell rats and false reports

Then we have this account that was tweeting god knows what about the alleged incident but no one seemed to bite, no matter how many people he tagged in his string of unhinged tweets. 

This is disgusting

To Recap: We have the bag of milk (Nadu), a rat retired officer (Fusetti), and a racist Twitter account (Unnamed) all in on this report about Jalen Carter.

There’s literally no one else.

Just these three lunatics spouting off about god knows what, completely slandering Carter with no actual evidence of an issue taking place.

So where’s Jalen Carter? 

Well, not sure about last night but today, Carter was at the Wissahickon Boys & Girls Club. He hosted a community event giving out Thanksgiving meals to over 150 kids in the area. Plenty of videos of him putting in time with the people who need it the most. Stand up guy doing stand up things. No biggie.

Good Guy in the Community: Jalen Carter !!

Side Note: Will give Chris Franklin a pass here because he’s in Jersey but that’s just terrible spelling of  “Wissahickon”. Lol. 

Quick Note: This is a ridiculous question at a charity event. Shameful Social Media Clout Chasing

EJ Smith cares more about “social-media” rumors and clout-chasing more than Jalen Carter hosting an event for 150 kids in need of a good influence and meal around the Thanksgiving holiday. Pathetic.

Anyways, the entire story was bizarre and something I would consider to be complete bullshit. Even if it’s not. I do not care about Jalen Carter talking to the police after something that happened at a Target in a self-checkout line. You shouldn’t either.

Not a single media outlet even had a story relating to the three idiots (Now 4 with EJ Smith) above, let alone an actual report. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why anyone would even want to make up that type of story, let alone release it as a matter of fact. 

That being said, I’ll actually even throw these guys a bone here.

Let’s just say that Nadu and his 3-man band of heathens do know what they are talking about and the incident leaving the store after failing to check everything out properly while in a self-checkout line. 

There’s no police report. Carter wasn’t arrested. No one is reporting on it besides these idiots. In my book that’s not even story worthy and a complete non-issue.

Comedic Relief from a Bizarre Story: LOL

So from there, I would question the intentions of even releasing something like this? Are they intentionally trying to hurt or ruin the reputation of Jalen Carter? 

Sure seems that way, right? 

Jalen Carter is a young kid that was involved in some mistakes during his time at University of Georgia. We all know that. Fine. Whatever. Upon his arrival in Philadelphia, he has shown zero signs of being “trouble” and until I actually see a report from the team, that’s what we’re rolling with. Cheers. 

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