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Skip Bayless Cowboys Giants

Skip Bayless, Dallas fans crown the Cowboys as the greatest team of all time following blowout win against Tommy Devito and the New York Giants

I really never get involved in the on-going feud between Philadelphia Eagles fans and Dallas Cowboys fans on social media.

I simply do not care and have no time to engage with the mentally ill that believe the Cowboys are on the same level as the Philadelphia Eagles. Dallas hasn’t been relevant in 30+ years and the fact that Eagles fans even engage with that loser fanbase is disgusting.

I will say, however, that once the media starts to join in on the conversation and want’s to praise the Cowboys following a blowout win against a horrible New York Giants team, I figured I would share my opinion on the topic, which may surprise you.

The Dallas Cowboys should actually be crowned Super Bowl champions and we should just cancel the remainder of the 2023-24 season.

Dak Prescott is the offensive player of the year and the NFL MVP. CeeDee Lamb is the best wide receiver. Brandin Cooks is the comeback player of the year.

The Cowboys just beat the 2-win New York Giants that have some dude named Tommy Devito as their quarterback that still lives at home with his mom and dad! 

Just give the Dallas Cowboys everything. You idiots.

Okay so obviously that was sarcasm. This is classic Dak Prescott stuff. In a game that he should have been pulled at halftime, he played the entire game and ran those stats up, completing 26-of-35 for 404 yards, 4 touchdowns, and an interception. Brandin Cooks had nine receptions for 173 yards and a touchdown while CeeDee Lamb caught 11 passes for 151 and a touchdown. 

This was a classic “stat pad” game for the Cowboys and instead of being completely embarrassed by it, they are out there gloating to anyone who will be dumb enough to put a microphone in front of their faces about how they are the best team to ever step onto a football field. 


For whatever reason, the Dallas Cowboys have forgotten that the NFC East and really, the entire NFC runs through the city of Philadelphia and the Eagles. 

The Eagles are the ONLY 8-win team in the NFL, sit atop of the NFL standings and NFC East standings. The Cowboys played arguably their best game of the season against the Eagles last week and still went home with a big fat loss. 

But nope. None of that apparently matters.

Skip Bayless is using the Dallas blowout win against New York as the foundation for yet another ridiculous rant about how the Cowboys undoubtedly have “the most firepower in the league” and will “convincingly” beat the Eagles when they host Philly on December 10th. 

Skip Bayless drools over Cowboys after win over the New York Giants

Side Note: Someone please save Keyshawn Johnson from Skip and Irvin. This dude deserves better.

Truly mind boggling stuff happening here. Last week we had Michael Irvin (presumably back on the crack) saying that the Cowboys lost to the Eagles but did what needed to be done by “collecting information” for their next meeting in December. Neither Irvin or Bayless will admit that the Cowboys are softer than baby shit.

So Maybe there’s something to it? Should we take a look at each Dallas Cowboys win this season and find a reason the Cowboys and all of their lackeys in the media think they are the best? 

Dallas Cowboys (6-3)

  • Week 1: Cowboys 40. Giants 0. (W) 
  • Week 2: Cowboys 30. Jets 10. (W)
  • Week 3: Cowboys 16. Cardinals 28. (L) 
  • Week 4: Patriots 3. Cowboys 38. (W)
  • Week 5: Cowboys 10. 49ers (42). (L) 
  • Week 6: Cowboys 20. Chargers 17. (W) 
  • Week 7: Rams 20. Cowboys 43. (W)
  • Week 8: Cowboys 23. Eagles 28. (L) 
  • Week 9: Giants 17. Cowboys 49. (W) 

So again, I ask you where is the “statement” win? The Dallas Cowboys haven’t beaten anyone. The only two playoff teams that are on the schedule above are the 49ers and Eagles and they lost both games. 

On December 10th, when the Eagles head to Dallas for Game 2 of their regular season matchup, it will be the Cowboys’ Super Bowl. They better pray to the high heavens that they actually win that football game or else it very well should be the final straw that breaks the back of their miserable fanbase and the media members that support them.

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