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Jalen Carter Shoplifting Incident

Jalen Carter: Target incident was ‘probably just a misunderstanding’

Last Monday, there were reports of Jalen Carter being involved in a shoplifting incident that happened at a Target in Center City. 

The reports really didn’t amount to much of anything and really it was only a few idiots on Twitter that had the information. Finally, we got to hear from Jalen Carter directly thanks to EJ Smith at the Philadelphia Inquirer

Jalen Carter: Target incident was ‘probably just a misunderstanding’

Eagles rookie Jalen Carter said Friday that claims that he and a woman with him stole merchandise from a Center City Target store earlier this week were “probably just a misunderstanding.”

According to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation, the two were addressed by a Target employee and eventually by the police. Carter wasn’t detained at the scene and there was no police report filed from the incident.

Rumblings about the incident involving the first-round defensive tackle first surfaced on social media on Monday. The woman with Carter was said to have put items into her shopping bags without scanning them before Carter grabbed the bags to leave the store.

“It was probably just a misunderstanding,” said Carter, 22. “I don’t really know too much about it.”

Okay so definitely something happened at the self checkout. Whether it was on purpose or a mistake, who knows but I’m leaning heavily on the side of Jalen Carter. Every single self checkout line is the absolute worst. The machines are broken, you put something down or “not in the bag” and there has to be an employee called over to unlock it, and yes, sometimes things just don’t scan.

Regardless, none of this shit matters because Carter was never booked by police following the incident, so it probably is safe to say that it’s just a “misunderstanding.” 

And no, this isn’t justification for the dorks on Twitter earlier this week. Sorry, you’re all still losers and I’m not taking back anything I said in the initial article. 

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This is no victory lap. 

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  1. There’s no “Misunderstanding”. It’s just another crime report involving an entitled black person stealing. He was also arrested in college for a fatality while racing and reckless driving. This won’t be the last time he is involved in a “Misunderstanding”.

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