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Jalen Carter

Jalen Carter nearly intercepted a Patrick Mahomes spike in 21-17 win

Eagles rookie DT Jalen Carter continues to impress with both his physical attributes and his football IQ. The latter was on display for all to see as the Eagles beat the Chiefs on Monday Night Football, where he nearly ended the half with an interception… on a spike from Mahomes.

Jalen Carter made a diving attempt and came insanely close to making the grab:

Even though Carter didn’t complete the catch, that was one hell of an impressive play. He’s a big boy, and getting down that quickly isn’t easy for anybody.

This play didn’t register live because we were down in Kansas City for the game, but waking up banged up this morning and seeing this clip, I shot upright in the hotel room bed and went, “Did he really do that?”

Yes, in fact, he did. While Schefter tweeted out what Jalen Carter said inspired him to try it out, here’s the postgame interview clip where he breaks down how a YouTube video pushed him to give it a shot.

There are a few things to love about this clip. First and foremost is the fact that Jalen Carter didn’t tell anybody he was going to try and make that play. He was moving in silence so as not to give the Chiefs any inkling that he’d be going rogue.

In all honesty, I can pretty much guarantee he’ll make that play successfully and come up with an interception. We have seven games left in the season, so the clock is ticking, but I like his odds.

Also, what the hell was he searching on YouTube for that video to come up? Obviously, it’s nothing outrageous – I’ve been on YouTube binges watching obscure highlights more times than I can count – but this video, in particular, is as niche as it gets.

Regardless, we loved seeing that kind of play out of Jalen Carter at Arrowhead last night. And Carter showed love back to the fans in attendance.

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