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Phillies Pitching Projections

For the 2019 Phillies – pitching was dreadful. A slow start to the season from Nola. Arietta being Arietta, a rotating cast of 3-4-5’s that could never put together a string of consistent games, caused some painful summer nights for the Philly Phaithful. 

Aaron Nola: Not even going to write anything here (risky move for a new blog) – if you’re reading this you already know:

Zach Wheeler: Coming in from the Mets – Wheeler should be solid. With an 11-8 record last year and 3.96 ERA, I think we can even expect better from him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes in close to a 3.40 ERA and 16 wins this year. 

Jake Arietta: Wanna be hipster old man Jake Arietta locked in at #3 – we’ll see if he can actually live up to the contract we gave him. Last 2 years with the Phillies 18-19. Shit contract but we’re riding it out. Not the worst #3 in the league. Some games he looks great, others he’s terrible. I personally just don’t like the guy. And for whatever reason – I don’t think anyone does. 

Zach Eflin: Believe it or not, I actually do like Eflin. With the exception of a TERRIBLE month of July (11.8 ERA) he looked like a real starting pitcher. At 26 years old – he will win a spot in the starting rotation. Just a matter of remaining there and providing some consistency to his outings through the season. 

Vinny Velasquez: I love the guy. He just wrapped up a solid Spring Debut down in clearwater too. ZERO commands but he throws heat. His 4 seam is a fucking gem when he throws it accurately but all things considered, he just doesn’t do it. He’s a two-pitch guy and should probably be in the pen – let’s just hope Girardi keeps him there. Pretty boy Gabe loved moving our guys around with no defined role – Vinny even had some gold glove moments in left field last year. Stick em somewhere and let’s see what he can do. 

Nick Pivetta: No. Just cut him. Get him off our roster. I’m done with this experiment and to watch him get all moody again when we take him out of the rotation when in inevitably fails will drive me fucking bonkers. This is a guy making league minimum but wants to be treated like a Cy Young Winner. Kevin (TMR) thinks Pivetta will be signing autographs at a Tim Hortons in Canada come April – which I wouldn’t mind one bit, but it’s likely he’ll find a spot in the pen. 

Nola, Wheeler, Arietta, Eflin, (young guy – ideally Spencer Howard)

Velasquez. Pivetta to the pen or the minors. 

Big Spencer Howard guy. He throws heat. Anyone who can hit 100MPH should always be looked at.  Let’s get this guy involved ASAP – bring up some youth and let’s rock.

The Pen:

Velasquez – Pivetta – Adam Morgan – Ranger Suarez – Seranthony (when healthy) 

Liriano and Storen and my personal favorite/fan favorite JD Hammer in the minors. 

Closer Hector Neris: Neris was 3-6 last year with 28 SVS and a 2.93 ERA. I think he’ll improve this season but much like years past – you never know what you’re getting and the 9th is a god damn roller coaster ride.

unfiltered, opinionated, and certainly do not care if you like it or not.

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