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Cam York Kicks off Sophomore Year with 2 point Game

Drafted 14th overall in the 2019 draft, Chuck Fletcher drafted the smooth skating defenseman in front of sniper Cole Caufield. I was a little disappointed we didn’t get the pure goal scorer this organization has been lacking since Jeff Carter. At the same time, you can’t deny how good Cam York is and will be for the Flyers for a long time. He’s off to a pretty good start this year.

Cam York is a hell of a hockey player. For what he lacks in size and weight he makes up for in hockey IQ, speed and elusiveness. York returned to Michigan for his Sophomore year, looking to build off his impressive rookie (injury plagued) year. York put up 5G-11A-16P in 30GP in a season where he missed time not only for injury but to play for Team USA in the WJC-20. York is looking to become the top guy in both Michigan and with the World Junior team with some older players moving on.


Although its only the first game of the year for Michigan, York looked everything like a 14th overall pick in the 1st round.

Gets the puck at the blue line, uses his deception to make #29 on Arizona hesitate and take himself out of the play by trying to block a shot. York uses his elite skating ability to take his time, survey the defense and send one in-front of the net for his first assist of the season. This isn’t anything new for York, this is his game.

Michigan was all over Arizona from the start of the game to the end. York was everywhere today, making crispy breakout passes and using his elite playmaking ability to apply pressure offensively. I’d say he was the most noticeable player on the ice today, his confidence with the puck is incredible.

Taking that big next step in his development is huge for the Flyers who just recently lost Matt Niskanen to retirement. It’s only the first game of the season, I’m aware. If York can continue his success in college and in the World Juniors there’s a path to the NHL this year. I mentioned that possibility in my rookie article in October.


This play speaks of how York can help out your offense. He sees the battle along the boards, waits for his teammate to come out with it and immediately cuts right in the slot and makes his stick available for the pass. York shoots the puck quicker then how he received it right in between the goalies legs for a beautiful first goal of the season.

Yorks’ puck handling ability was put on full display today and is no difference from some of the plays he made last year in college.

You see York yet again stepping up on the play using his deception and incredible play making ability to make the sliding defender miss trying to block a shot. York then makes the simple play to get it back to the point and over for the eventual one timer goal. It’s not all about making the huge play that gets everyone off their feet. I like how York makes the smart, simple play time and time again. You don’t see that with young players, especially defenseman.

Last one I promise. This is a goal from last year but it’s just a ridiculous play from York. Stepping up on the rush, he accepts the pass through the legs and shoots the puck backhand top shelve better than most players can shoot on their forehand.

1G-1A-2P in your first game as a sophomore as one of “the guys” on defense is a pretty good start for the Flyers prospect. Michigan plays again tomorrow at 7:00 pm vs Arizona State again. Tune in if you can, the Liberty Yell boys will definitely be watching.

Mandatory Credit : UM Photography, D.Marshke

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