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George Hill gives updates on injury, expected timetable for return

At the trade deadline, the Philadelphia 76ers traded for veteran point guard George Hill. Hill appeared in 14 games for the Thunder this season before being moved at the deadline. The 34-year-old is currently averaging just under 12 points per game, while shooting a hair above 50% from the field. In his 13th season, Hill is also averaging around three assists per game.

The question still remains: Where is George Hill?

We got some answers to the million dollar question earlier this week. Doc Rivers started off by saying he didn’t expect hill to return “anytime soon.” After the Sixers’ practice on Thursday, Hill had a chance to speak for himself.

Hill stated that he got his cast removed a week and a half ago and that he has been doing physical therapy with the Sixers’ staff. He felt blessed to be traded to the Sixers where he could join a team that is succeeding this season and he doesn’t have to feel like he’s being rushed back onto the court.

During Hill’s interview yesterday, he made sure to tell reporters that he was trending in the right direction and smirked noting that his timeline won’t be infinite and he will be back before the playoffs.

“Once you shut your body down for three months or so, not just your finger, but you’ve got to make sure the whole car is up to date with your Achilles, your ankles, your legs and things like that. Just getting back into shape, getting back into the rhythm and the groove of just basketball, period. I think, for me coming in the last couple days until now, the progress has been tremendous. It’s been really going well. It’s going to be sooner than expected.”

Until then, George Hill will shoot be able to shoot and digest practices from the sidelines. He has worked with Sixers’ assistants Dan Burke and Popeye Jones during his time with the Pacers and has been absorbing as much as he can during practices, “almost like a coach” according to Rivers.

Hill also has a great relationship with Danny Green dating back to their time spent in San Antonio nearly a decade ago. The two veterans are still close and spend time during the offseason. Danny Green even told Hill before the deadline that “if I need to make a call, I’ll tell them to bring you over there” referring to Hill coming to the Sixers.

Of course, that was all tongue and cheek, but the main point is that the Sixers are adding another veteran to a team that has prided themselves off of team chemistry and accountability since the start of the season. If Hill can’t take the court for another month before the playoffs, getting involved with the team and coaching staff is the next best thing.

Patience is important but all indications point to George Hill playing in front of fans for the Sixers this season and being a key part of the playoff rotation.

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