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What really happened between Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman?

Earlier this morning, some alarming reports came out of The Athletic’s latest article regarding the Philadelphia Eagles. There have been numerous stories regarding what had happened within the Eagles organization over the last few seasons, especially at the top. If this report is accurate, it looks like Jeffery Lurie and Howie Roseman might be even worse than initially thought.

Doug Pederson’s firing was surprising to many, but there was no real talk of how things escalated this quickly. According to the article, Lurie would complain about the Eagles heavily running the football, citing analytics, and criticized Pederson no matter what, win or loss. Even with his Super Bowl win, the front office kept Doug on a tight leash. Before being fired this offseason, Doug was almost let go in 2016 for keeping Frank Reich, and in 2019 if he didn’t fire Mike Groh and Carson Walch.

Looking at Howie Roseman, the situation has grown ten-fold. Based on these reports, he seems to have both corrupted and leeched himself onto Lurie, making himself the Eagles’ owner right-hand man. Roseman is cited with caring too much about his public image and how he handles the draft board. Despite having scouts on the road, Howie often has complete control over their draft situation and puts his scout’s opinions to the side.

Even though coaches refuted it, it is glaringly apparent that Roseman had say on gameday personnel, telling assistant coaches to play a rookie that shouldn’t have been played. There was no indication of who this rookie was but likely linebacker Davion Taylor.

If these reports are accurate, there needs to be an immediate change of the Eagles’ front office, but that isn’t anything new. Howie Roseman has too much power within the Eagles organization with an incredible lack of success throughout his entire duration in Philadelphia. 

Former players like Trey Burton and Malcolm Jenkins have spoken about the management style in Philadelphia compared to the rest of the league. Hopefully, with a new coaching staff, these situations will improve.

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