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The Roman Quinn experiment hasn’t been a strong one

For most Phillies fans, including myself, seeing Roman Quinn listed in the starting lineup leaves you with two emotions; anger and complete disgust. For a player that was a .280/.407/.355 hitter in the minor leagues, you would expect this to translate well to the big leagues right? That could not be further from the truth for Roman Quinn during his tenure with the Phillies.

During his 5 years of MLB service, Quinn is putting up .226/.349/.650. One of the only reasons Quinn is still on the major league roster is due to his speed. Quinn is one of, if not the fastest players in all of baseball. During the 2020 season, Quinn’s lightning-fast sprint speed was 30.5 ft/sec, good enough for 2nd in the league. Quite honestly, his only job as a Philadelphia Phillie is to run fast and get around the bases, but what use does he serve other than as a pinch-runner?

So far in 2021, Roman’s putting up some of the most eye-gauge inducing, stomach-churning numbers you’ll ever have the displeasure of seeing in a starting lineup. He’s slashing .050/.050/.258. This is on 1/20(!) at the dish. One hit in twenty at-bats. As Phillies fans, haven’t we suffered enough? You would think so, but somehow this guy finds his way into the starting 9 in what seems like every other day.

Now, obviously due to his speed, Quinn plays all of his time in centerfield. In what seems like every single game, you’ll find yourself getting increasingly angrier at his inability to track down a fly ball, over-running routine pop-ups, or simply dropping catches. Roman has around 5 errors committed during his MLB career, however, there’s plenty of plays that he could’ve been called for more. It seems like Quinn doesn’t even know how to navigate the base pads, showing his extreme expertise early on in this season.

I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to know that these numbers are absolutely horrid. This goes along with the entire Phillies centerfield situation right now, with Adam Haseley out for an unknown amount of time and Mickey Moniak recently coming back up to the show. Truth be told, outside of his injury history, Roman Quinn is just not good at the game of baseball. He’s absolutely horrible and it’s baffling to think he still gets a chance. One can only hope he’s out of Philadelphia sooner rather than later.

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