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Bleacher Report Lakers Love

Bleacher Report proves yet again it only watches Lebron James and the Lakers with a single tweet

You have to love hate the Bleacher Report. The Philadelphia 76ers beat up on the Lebron-less Lakers last night by a final score of 105-87 in South Philadelphia. Joel Embiid led the Sixers in scoring, finishing the night with 26 points, nine rebounds, and seven assists. Tobias Harris was impressive for the second game in a row, scoring 23 points on 10-of-15 shooting from the floor.

The game was broadcasted on national television, and any time the Lakers come to town, people love to turn things into a spectacle, even if they have no idea what they are talking about. The Bleacher Report, who are known to be a bunch of Lebron James dick-riding nerds, didn’t disappoint last night with their coverage of the Sixers-Lakers game.

Bleacher Report was able to sum up what we all knew already about the popular sports website in a single tweet, showing how the stars came out for the Sixers-Lakers game as if anyone in this video doesn’t attend Philadelphia 76ers games pretty frequently, regardless if the Lake Show is in town.

M. Night Shyamalan is one of the most well-known “celebrities” and attends Sixers games on the regular. Like seriously, M. Night goes to games all the time, shoots the majority if not all of his movies in the Philadelphia area, grew up in the Philly suburbs, and is part-owner of Sun Center Studios in Aston, Pennsylvania.

Next up you have Meek Mill, who is best friends with Michael Rubin and literally left prison and headed straight to a 76ers game a few years ago. Meek Mill is constantly at Sixers games and is definitely not a “star” that showed up to the Sixers-Lakers game (insert star emoji here).

Christ, even the TNT broadcast who typically pronounces names wrong called Meek Mill a figure head at Sixers games. It’s literally in the video you posted. 

From there, you have Jimmy Rollins, a Philadelphia icon, the Phillies all-time hits leader, the only shortstop in Major League Baseball with 200 home runs and 400 stolen bases, an MLB MVP, World Series winner and most recently a candidate for the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Last night, J-Roll was the bell ringer to kick things off in the pregame show. Although he’s not a “regular” like the rest of them, It should come as no surprise that he was in attendance last night given the recent Hall of Fame discussions and the fact that he’s such a well known figure in Philadelphia sports. 

Next up you have Julius Erving. Which should come as no surprise either and honestly I don’t even think I have to elaborate on this one any further. 

Bleacher Report should however, get together with the Sixers operating crew and learn more about this mysterious figure together. Maybe then they will spell his name correctly on the Jumbotron when showing his picture during the game. 

Jesus Christ, Sixers. Get it together.

In the end, there’s really nothing to see here. Just a bunch of Philadelphia-connected “stars” watching the Sixers play basketball like they do on a pretty frequent basis. Do better Bleacher Report. There are plenty of other NBA basketball teams out there besides the Los Angeles Lakers. On top of that, it only takes a quick Google search to realize how dumb you are before sending out a tweet.

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