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Phillies Schedule Update after Hurricane Ian postpones Game 2 Friday Night

The second game of the Philadelphia Phillies double header that was supposed to start at 7:05PM tonight has now been postponed. 

The game has been rescheduled for tomorrow at 7:05PM, which was actually the original spot for the game before it was changed earlier this week due to Hurricane Ian making its way up the east coast. 

The Phillies beat the rain in game one and took down the Nationals by a final score of 5-1, thanks to Bailey Falter and Rhys Hoskins’ 30th home run of the season. 

The win put the Phillies Wild Card lead over the Brewers to a game, and yes, they still hold the tiebreaker. 

Phillies Magic Number is now 5. 

We’ll see how the schedule shakes out tomorrow. Noah Syndergaard was scheduled to pitch tonight and it hasn’t been reported that would change with the game now tomorrow. 

Kyle Gibson was supposed to throw at 1:05PM tomorrow, and we’ll see if they switch up the rotation order given the latest reschedule. 

The problem, is that tomorrow doesn’t look much better on the weather forecast either. If they can’t get two games in tomorrow, let’s all hope they try to get two in on Sunday. 

The only off-day the Phillies have before a potential wildcard series later next week would be Thursday and man, would it suck to not have that day off once we clinch a spot.  

Tonight, turn your attention to Sandy Alcantara and the Miami Marlins, as they attempt to give the Phillies another gift, after taking down the Brewers last night 4-2.

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