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It’s Official: Auston Matthews is a big baby

Toward the end of the Flyers getting routed by the Toronto Maple Leafs last night 5-2, Auston Matthews and Travis Konecny got into it a little.

Konecny bumped Matthews after Auston got rid of the puck in his own zone. Matthews didn’t like that, so he skated over to Konecny and gave him a little shove near the shoulder area.

The two then exchanged two-handed chops at each other’s shins like they were at Top Golf.

Auston Matthews: Confirmed Baby

Instead of fighting or just getting into a little scuffle with Konecny, Auston Matthews acts like a little bitch and watches 85-year-old Mark Giordano tackle Konecny to the ground like he’s playing middle linebacker.

62 goals in a year, one of the best releases I’ve ever seen…I don’t care. This just told me everything I need to know about Auston Matthews. You have about 4 inches on the guy and you still act like a little bitch?

It’s a shame it ended the way it did, with Konecny getting pinned to the ground by two different Leaf players.

Have to let your teammates fight your battles, huh?

Enjoy your 62-goal seasons and regular season dominance, I’ll enjoy watching you get bounced in the 1st round yet again.

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Mandatory Credit: (TASR/AP)

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