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Nelson Agholor DeVante Parker

Shoutout Nelson Agholor for helping a concussed DeVante Parker while everyone else who saw it did absolutely nothing

Super Bowl Champion and ex-Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor was playing last night with his current team, the New England Patriots, against the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football and managed to stop the game after noticing teammate DeVante Parker was concussed. 

Shoutout Nelson Agholor for helping DeVante Parker

Honestly, I have no idea how you COULDN’T know that Parker was discussed from the second the play was over? Parker had zero clue where he was and was stumbling from the second he tried to stand up. You mean to tell me that no one on the field or sidelines knew that he needed to come out of the game? 

To be clear, no one on the field, players or referees jumped to the aid of Parker after the play happened. Neither the Patriots or Cardinals sideline consisting of players, coaches, medical staff did anything either. Why? 

What makes it even more bizarre is the fact that the NFL literally has an entire program designed around spotting injuries and concussions on the field to help improve player safety. 

It’s a great idea of course, but the fact that no one spotted this one should raise some eyebrows. 

No. 69, Cole Strange, the guy who helped Parker get up in the first place should be embarrassed along with every other player, coach, ref, staff member that watched this happen in real life. Look, I’m not being soft. I know for a fact a lot of people will immediately jump and just say I’m a bitch for being overly dramatic about a head injury but Parker could barely stand and the Patriots wanted to hurry up and get a play off when it was 0-0 in the first quarter between two teams that are absolutely horrendous?

ESPN was more worried about John Parry, “The Officiating Analyst” (lol) checking out to see if Parker hung onto the football. Buck and Aikman just kept things moving too. How can anyone look at that play over and over again and watch Parker get up and not do or say anything? 

Edit: Apparently Aikman did catch it on the broadcast. The video above was slightly edited towards the end to show the other play and there was no shot I was watching that horrible game last night so I didn’t initially see the full thing. Point still stands, nothing was done about it until Agholor spoke up.

I guess it’s cool. The Patriots can make sure the 9-yard reception doesn’t get overturned while everyone else just focuses on the game and DeVante Parker’s brains turn into complete mush when Mac Jones airs him out over the center of the football field. 

Cool guys. Great work. 

Shout out Nelson Agholor. He might have had his fair share of drops in Philly, but he was the only one catching his teammate looking like he had zero clue what was happening after the play and was smart enough to say something.

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