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Tom Brady should retire after signing a football for 49ers’ Dre Greenlaw following 35-7 loss on Sunday

The San Francisco 49ers beat the living crap out of Tom Brady and the Buccaneers over the weekend, walking away with a 35-7 victory. 

It was certainly a game that Tom Brady would like to forget for a variety of reasons. Most notably had to be the fact that he was signing footballs after the game for members of the 49ers defense, who had his number throughout the game.

Brady threw two interceptions in the blowout loss, one of which was to Dre Greenlaw. After the game, Greenlaw approached Brady and asked for an autograph on the ball he picked off from Brady.

Tom Brady Autographs Football for Dre Greenlaw


I think it’s time for Tom Brady to hang up the cleats. No one wants to see the GOAT bend the knee like this.

Side Note: Well, it looks like Barstool thought it was the greatest thing ever. No surprise there.

How pathetic can you be? Brady went from not shaking hands with Nick Foles after getting destroyed in the Super Bowl to now letting the 49ers beat you into pulp, sending the Bucs to a disappointing 6-7 on the season. Now, Brady is signing footballs for the defense that picked you off not once, but TWICE in a game that you completed 34-of-55 passing attempts for 253 yards while his offense scored just seven total points. 

Obviously, I understand the sentimental value behind a young player in the NFL getting a football signed by Tom Brady but regardless, it was a power move from Greenlaw and it a bad look on Brady for actually following through. 

At the very least, do that off camera and then, I don’t know, do a press conference a few years later and say you had no idea people thought it was an issue to begin with. That apparently worked out pretty well last time. 

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