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James Harden Media Day

Sixers Rumors: James Harden to skip Media Day and a long-term look at this stalemate

While the Philadelphia Eagles and Phillies continue to represent the city of Philadelphia in the greatest ways possible, we have 76ers basketball quickly approaching with media right around the corner.

In news that may shock you if you haven’t been paying attention to the Sixers this offseason (I don’t blame you), it appears that James Harden is not expected to be in attendance for media day this season, as he continues to throw a hissy fit after opting into his $35+ million player option and ultimately, not being traded over the summer.

James Harden – Sixers Media Day

“First of all, I don’t expect him to be [at Media Day on Monday], I just don’t.

Keith Pompey on SiriusXM – NBA Radio

The Daryl Morey vs. Player Requesting a Trade Saga Part 2

Well, here we go again.

I’m not going to dive into all of the issues that the Sixers and James Harden have been going through since the end of last season. Really, all you need to know is that Harden wanted to be traded and when he opted into his player option, that was under the assumption that he would be shipped out of Philly.

Harden’s preferred destination was the Los Angeles Clippers, but Morey and company couldn’t find a good package in return so now he’s still here in Philly and is throwing a signature “Harden Cry Fest” until he’s traded. 

Cool. Just another Sixers disaster-class. Nothing new here.

Three months have passed, and Harden still a member of the 76ers, and his existence in the organization could cause a Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce-esque bomb on their media day Monday.

Of course, that’s all depending on whether or not he actually shows up.

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So yeah, Harden is trying to pull off whatever he can now to force Morey to trade him and for some reason, the Sixers are hoping to mend whatever relationship is left and convince Harden that the team with new head coach Nick Nurse could be a championship contender.

As I’m sure you know, that scenario seems very unlikely for now, but who knows, a lot could change between currently and (holds breath) the Feb. 8 trade deadline.

Harden has to be sweating bullets, though, as he could end up like Russell Westbrook and end up with his next payday coming at a minimum contract.

That scenario would present itself if he’s still on the team past the Feb. 8th trade deadline, and it would mean that the Sixers will head into the 2024 offseason with his Bird rights. He wanted this offseason unless they’re willing to re-sign him to the original big, long-term deal he hoped for.

Thank the lord we have the Phillies playoffs and Eagles season underway, right? Sheesh.

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