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Bryce Harper Helmet Toss

Bryce Harper fined $5,000 for ‘recklessly endangering fans’ at Citizens Bank Park after tossing helmet into stands

Major League Baseball thinks Bryce Harper “recklessly endangered fans” when he tossed his helmet into the stands at Citizens Bank Park after being ejected on a horrible check-swing call in the final home game of the regular season against the Pittsburgh Pirates. 

Angel Hernandez was the third base umpire during the game and called Bryce Harper out on a check-swing. After the call, Harper stormed down the third base line to plead his case to Hernandez and was ultimately ejected from the game. On his way back to the dugout, Harp tossed his helmet into the stands.

Bryce Harper Ejected by Angel Hernandez, Tosses Helmet into Stands

The result was Major League Baseball fining Harper $5,000.00 for recklessly endangering fans in attendance at Citizens Bank Park.

Obviously, Harper is going to appeal the fine because, well, absolutely no one was endangered. The reality of the situation, was fans doing everything possible to catch the helmet so they could walk away with a souvenir. Luckily, the helmet made it’s way into the hands of a young Phillies fan.

So please, tell me if this fan look like someone who was recklessly endangered.

I mean seriously, what is happening here? Angel Hernandez is the worst umpire in all of baseball. It’s honestly mind-boggling he even has a job at this point, even more so when he told Bryce Harper while they were arguing along the third baseline that “the replay would prove that the correct call was made”.

The PERFECT response from Bryce Harper.

Bad look for Major League Baseball and of course, Angel Hernandez who is consistently rated the word umpire in all of baseball. He finished the regular season as the lowest rated umpire (min 10 games). Hernandez didn’t even start until August due to a back injury, but he racked up 161 bad calls in 10 games, including the lowest rated game of the entire 2023 season.

Angel Hernandez: Worst Umpire in Major League Baseball


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