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Citizens Bank Park Sprinkler System

Add the Citizens Bank Park Sprinkler System to the laundry list of issues that the Braves believe they are having while facing the Phillies in the NLDS

The Atlanta Braves 2023 Cry Fest continued well after Game 3 ended last night, with media members throwing a hissy fit online about the sprinkler systems at Citizens Bank Park. 

Braves Media Members Cry About Sprinkler System at Citizens Bank Park

Atlanta Braves Cry Fest 2023

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  • Postseason Seeding
  • Phillies Fans
  • Bryce Harper Throat Slice Celly
  • CBP Sprinkler System
  • The “Mock Chop”
  • “Arcia comments were fake”

Much like every major sprinkler system, the one at Citizens Bank Park is zoned. They don’t just all turn on at the same time and flood the god damn field. That would be madness. The sprinklers turn on, water the zoned area, turn off, and then start somewhere else.

Jesus Christ people. This isn’t hard to understand. If you’re going to complain about something at least make it count. If the sprinklers go on and you’re standing there, then you probably overstayed your welcome. Get the hell off the field. You just got your asses handed to you on a silver platter.

So sure, let’s now complain about the sprinklers at Citizens Bank Park. Idiots.

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The entire country is laughing at the Atlanta Braves. Move your equipment and head back to the hotel. Posting a video claiming that CBP Grounds Crew was intentionally trying to get you wet or damage your belongings is just insane at this point.

Have some dignity! Someone in the Braves organization needs to show some dignity!

I’m sure there’s probably a laundry list of more excuses, complaints, and down right pouting about the 2023 NLDS but you get the point. The Braves organization, players, and media members are complete losers. This is a loser baseball club that shows up small in October. Period. Not even up for debate.

Unfortunately, it’s just going to get worse tonight when Spencer Strider takes the mound and the Braves try to avoid getting wiped out of the NLDS for the second straight season at the hands of the Philadelphia Phillies. 

To be clear: Spencer Strider doesn’t stand a chance. 

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  1. So now the Media is unfair to the Atlanta baseball org. What? You guys are literally surrounded by them in the locker room all year and since you ran your mouth too much and got called out for it that is now out of bounds? The media is there to report on the team and it’s doings.

  2. The reason you use zones is if you water the entire field at once, the water pressure drops to almost nothing.

  3. Wait, so when the Braves media personnel are on the field doing their scheduled post-game interviews, which are scheduled well… WELL in advance… with the Phillies ground and stadium staff… and the sprinklers come on literally only where the ATL media personnel are set up, not where the Philly media was set up at the same time… that’s a coincidence? It’s because the Braves media personnel shouldn’t have been there? While the Philly media was literally on the other side doing the exact same thing, but the sprinklers only came on one side. I wish you would report ANYTHING honestly, but Philadelphia is a mf’n sore on the country. God what a complete city of deplorables.

  4. Im a Yankees fan and cant believe how whiny this complaint is. LoL take the L already both the team and the media personal

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