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Diamondbacks Fan Sign Review

Sign Review: Diamondbacks fans brought out the heavy-hitting messages last night at Chase Field, leaving Phillies fans shaking in their boots

The Phillies lost 2-1 in Game 3 of the NLCS, giving Arizona Diamondbacks fans and the team alike a small sense of hope entering Game 4 tonight at Chase Field.

Make no mistake, the Phillies were horrible last night. They only managed to notch three hits while scoring one run, looking completely lost at the plate while Kerkering and Kimbrel came up short out of the pen in the game’s biggest moments. Whether you want to credit the Diamondbacks crowd for dumping ice cold water on the Phillies’ offense is totally up to you.

Next Level Trash Talk: Diamondbacks fans at Chase Field

Forget throwing snowballs at Santa Claus, Arizona Diamondbacks fans are completely RUTHLESS. 

The fact that this D-Backs fan in an undersized tie-dye shirt had the confidence to use a sharpie on a piece of old cardboard and make a sign that said “Cheesesteak Suck” and bring it to Chase Field when he knew damn well there would be Phillies fans in attendance for NLCS Game 3 is complete savagery.

Did anyone receive a trigger warning? I’m literally shaking while I’m trying to write this post about it.

As I’m sure you all know, everyone in Philadelphia just sits around eating cheesesteaks and watching Rocky movie reruns all day and the second anyone tries to use either thing against us, we completely crumble. 

I literally had to turn away from the broadcast and put my phone down after seeing how cRaZy Diamondbacks fans were last night. That is, once I was able to spot them in the seats at Chase Field.

The majority of seats, including the ones behind the D-Backs dugout, were empty and the red towels provided them the perfect cover to claim that it was more full than it actually was last night.

Spooky SZN: D-Backs fans were a WILD BUNCH in Game 3

Side Note: Yes, I know the D-Backs won last night and this article would have been so much better if the Phillies took a 3-0 series lead into Game 4 tonight, but credit to me for being smart enough and honestly, self-aware enough to realize that Arizona is a trash baseball team that walked away with a Game 3 victory while only scoring two runs.

Hell, I’ll even toss in a joke saying “the sign worked” because the Phillies were god awful last night and coughed up a very winnable game in the bottom of the ninth inning, letting their feet off the throats of the D-Backs, as they managed to “make it a series” by getting in the win column.

In all seriousness, I did actually laugh at this sign.

Cristopher Sanchez vs Joseph Mantiply

The Phillies were brutal last night in Game 3 but I full expect them to bounce back tonight in Game 4 with Cristopher Sanchez on the mound against a Diamondbacks’ bullpen game.

Almost immediately after last night’s loss, Rob Thomson announced that Cristopher Sanchez will take the mound tonight in Game 4, opposing the Diamondbacks bullpen.

The D-Backs will start with reliever Joe Mantiply and I guess just take it from there.

Ideally, Sanchez will be able to battle through 5-6 innings and hand the game over to the bullpen with no issues. I have complete confidence that he’ll do just that while the bats get back on track in the desert, setting up a series-clinching Game 5 with Zack Wheeler on the mound tomorrow night.

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