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Jalen Hurts Injury

Jalen Hurts plays through apparent knee injury, speaks on potential timetable

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Miami Dolphins last night on Sunday Night Football 31-17 on “Kelly Green” night at Lincoln Financial Field in South Philadelphia. 

Jalen Hurts completed 23-of-31 passes for 279 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception. He also rushed the football 11 times for 21 yards and a touchdown. 

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Hurts was however, late in coming out of the locker room after halftime and the Eagles even had Marcus Mariotta warming up on the sidelines. When he did retake the field, he was wearing a knee brace on his left leg.

Here’s how Jalen Hurts was moving around heading into the locker room at halftime. 

After the game, both Nick Sirianni and AJ Brown commented on Jalen Hurts’ toughness. 

Hurts was definitely dealing with something. Mike Garafolo posted a video of Hurts heading into the locker room after the game and there’s a noticeable “hobble”. 

Hopefully we’re not looking at anything too serious with Hurts. I’m sure we’ll get some more details later this week when the Eagles release their injury reports but all things considered it doesn’t seem to be too serious.

Side Note: Then again, it didn’t seem to be serious last season when Hurts was injured against the Chicago Bears but we all know how that turned out so who knows…?

Hurts did mention it briefly during his postgame presser, but as usual, he kept that info pretty wrapped up. He acknowledged he was wearing a knee brace in the second half and hopes that he will be fine moving forward. One odd note was that Hurts said he didn’t hurt his leg during last night’s game, which doesn’t align with the fact that the brace was only being worn

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