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Citizens Bank Park Game 6

Increased ticket prices responsible for bad Game 6 vibes at Citizens Bank Park?

The Arizona Diamondbacks managed to force an NLCS Game 7 tonight after delivering the Phillies’ their first postseason loss at Citizens Bank Park this year, winning Game 6 by a final score of 5-1.

Bad Vibes at The Bank

In a somewhat shocking revelation, the vibes at Citizens Bank Park failed to resemble the ones we saw earlier last week in Game 1 and Game 2 of the NLCS. The last time the Phillies were home, they completely destroyed the D-Backs 10-0 and the vibes were insane. Last night, not so much.

Phillies Fall Behind 3-0

The Phillies fell behind 3-0 last night after Aaron Nola ran into some trouble in the top of the second inning. Tommy Pham hit a home run to put the D-Backs up 1-0 and the very next batter, Lourdes Gurriel Jr. went back-to-back to extend Arizona’s lead to 2-0. Evan Longoria then ripped a double to left field to score Alek Thomas and just like that, the D-Backs were up 3-0. 

I wasn’t in attendance but from that point moving forward, it was evident on the broadcast that the energy was sucked out of Citizens Bank Park. Again, this is only the top of the second inning in a series-clinching Game 6 with a trip to the World Series on the line and everything just died in the stands and at the plate for the Phillies. 

Maybe just because Phillies fans directly behind home plate were sitting the majority of the game and the broadcast didn’t really show the rest of the crowd? Not sure. I just hope the high ticket prices aren’t pricing out the ones who were responsible for making CBP one of the toughest places to play in all of sports. 

Citizens Bank Park: Phillies Fans Leaving Game 6 Early

This is a bad look all around. For the past two years, Phillies fans have prided themselves on creating one of the toughest places to play in all of sports. Citizens Bank Park is supposed to resemble an SEC football game and now we have fans leaving early with our backs up against the wall? 

We were just shitting on Chase Field and buying up empty seats to troll the Diamondbacks last week and now we’re leaving early in Game 6 of the NLCS? Bryce Harper was slicing throats and delivering death stares in the NLDS while Nick Castellanos was crushing any baseball in the same area as the strike zone. Trea Turner was batting .500 and was a guaranteed hit.

Now? Turner is swinging at pitches in the dirt like it’s the month of May, Castellanos is swinging at literally everything, and Bryce Harper is striking out and sulking his way back to the dugout. I’m not blaming the fans but the vibes in the crowd were paired almost perfectly with the vibes in the Phillies’ dugout last night.

Can’t have it. Have to ban whoever left early from ever returning, unfortunately. This is what I was referencing when I mentioned the hardcore section of this fanbase is getting “priced out” and now we’re stuck with the rich and dare I say, “casual” fans that aren’t going to lay their lives on the ground and scream their heads off to will this Phillies team to a second consecutive National League Pennant. 

We need the vibes tonight. If the fans don’t have the vibes, the Phillies don’t have the vibes. It’s like E.T. and Elliott touching fingers. We’re all connected. That’s what makes Red October so special in Philadelphia. I also ate way too many edibles last night and I think I’m still stoned but you get the point.

Garrett Stubbs job title is “Chief Vibes Officer” for crying out loud.

The Phillies feel the energy in Citizens Bank Park rely on the fans to give them the extra boost. NLCS Game 7 tonight needs to be different. 

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