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Doc Rivers joined the Dan Patrick Show to discuss which player frustrated him more, Ben Simmons or James Harden

Former Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doc Rivers joined the Dan Patrick Show and talked about which player frustrated him more in James Harden or Ben Simmons. 

Doc Rivers on which player frustrated him more: James Harden or Ben Simmons

There’s Doc Rivers. He’s the absolute king of never holding himself accountable for whatever team’s failure that he’s responsible for coaching. Classic. 

Sure, people were happy that he threw shade at Ben Simmons for not being a “winner” while cutting Harden a little bit of slack while acknowledging both were frustrating. I guess that’s good insight? I don’t know and quite frankly, I don’t care either way. 

To be honest, I’m not really in the mood to rehash the Ben Simmons saga here in Philadelphia and on top of that, I really have zero interest in whatever drama James Harden is currently bringing to the table. 

I was actually surprised that people in Philadelphia and other websites are excited to hear what Doc Rivers has to say on broadcasts. In my humble opinion, Rivers was nothing but a certified loser as an NBA head coach and one of the all-time career choke artists in the playoffs. 

Do you really think I care about his stories during his tenure here in Philadelphia while we all watched a team with unlimited hope and optimism fall short of every expectation and dismantle the entire organization?

The answer is a hard no. 

Not to mention, I would have easily answered that question with Ben Simmons as the answer. James Harden is half of the player he once was and the fact that Rivers thought he was less frustrating and had the ability to “win” tells you everything you need to know about him as a head coach.

The Sixers should have made Rivers sign an NDA when he left the organization. That would have been the correct move but of course, the front office hasn’t done anything right in pretty much any situation so thinking this would be different was wishful thinking from the jump. 

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