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Joel Embiid NBA DX Chop Fine

NBA hits Joel Embiid with a $35K fine after D-Generation X, Triple H celebration during game against the Portland Trail Blazers last Sunday

In Sunday’s home opener against the Portland Trail Blazers, Joel Embiid returned to MVP-form, scoring 35 points while notching 15 rebounds, seven assists, six blocks, and two steals in the 76ers’ 126-98 win. 

In the third quarter, Embiid brought out his signature “Suck It” celebration, better known as the DX Chop, after he completed an And-1. 

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That of course, caught eyes of the NBA and in return, they fined Joel Embiid $35,000 for the celebration because it was considered “an obscene gesture on the playing court”. 

NBA fines Joel Embiid $35,000 for “DX Chop” Celebration

That of course, caught the attention of Triple H, who was part of the wrestling crew that made the “DX Chop” famous. 

Triple H reached out to Embiid on Twitter, saying that he knows a place where you can do the DX Chop all day and everyone in attendance would absolutely love it, referencing Wrestle Mania 40 which is happening in Philadelphia in April 2024. 

Embiid replied to Triple H, letting him know that he’d love to join him in Philly, but doesn’t believe that he will be in town for the event. 

Triple H invites Joel Embiid to WrestleMania 40 in Philly

That of course sparked questions from Sixers fans on Twitter, unsure of what Embiid meant about not being in Philly when WrestleMania comes to town.

Thankfully, Embiid was simply referencing the fact that the Sixers will be on the road playing the Memphis Grizzlies and San Antonio Spurs on April 6th and April 7th when the event is being held. 

As for the NFL hashtag used in Embiid’s response, I would have to assume that he was referencing the fact that players are allowed to do celebrations after big plays or scores, which the NBA strictly enforces against. 

Regardless, that’s $35,000.00 well spent. Embiid was incredible against Portland if he wants to celebrate, then by all means, go right ahead.

The Sixers are back in action tomorrow night at The Well, hosting the Toronto Raptors.

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