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Drexel Student Half Court Shot

WATCH: Drexel student drains half court shot during Blue & Gold Madness, walks away with $10,000.00

A Drexel student drained a $10,000 half court shot on Thursday night during the university’s Blue & Gold Madness basketball kickoff event. 

Drexel Student drains half court shot for $10,000.00


Get this guy in the Sixers’ Franklin mascot costume for the next home game at the Wells Fargo Center. After last night’s performance during the 76ers game against the Toronto Raptors in South Philly, it looks like that silly mascot could use all the help he can get.

CBS 3 interviewed the winner after he hit the $10K half court shot

Drexel computer science student Sakirul Karim pumped his fist and was hoisted into the air by the Dragons basketball team after making a half-court shot Thursday night.

Karim said he wasn’t planning on coming that night but his friends convinced him. And then he won a raffle for the chance to take the shot – winning $10,000.

“It was just a string of lucky events,” he told CBS News Philadelphia. “Putting my name in the raffle, then actually getting the chance, then making it? It’s just crazy.”

Karim said he’s played pickup basketball here and there but nothing professionally. – via CBS 3

Amazing. Our guy Sakirul Karim must be 5’7”, 130 pounds soaking wet and made it very clear that he’s a computer science major at Drexel University but credit CBS 3 for clarifying that Karim has never played basketball professionally and has only played pickup basketball.

Without that piece of information, I would have thought Karim just arrived to Philadelphia in the James Harden trade that happened earlier this week. 

Congrats to Sakirul Karim. Don’t spend that $10K all in one place.

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