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Sixers Buzz: Joel Embiid counters James Harden’s ‘leash’ comments

Joel Embiid finally had the the opportunity to speak for the first time since James Harden was traded to the Clippers following the Sixers’ 114-99 win over the Toronto Raptors.

Embiid disputed Harden’s evaluation of being “on a leash” and used him as a “system player”, asserting that he wasn’t hindered by the 76ers the past couple of years. Which, is the actual truth on the situation, and Harden continues to be the most delusional player in the NBA.

James Harden claims 76ers used him as a ‘system player’

Joel Embiid on Harden’s time with the Sixers

“I don’t think so,” Embiid said after Thursday’s 114-99 win over the Toronto Raptors, in which he finished with 28 points, 13 rebounds and 7 assists. “I think he did a lot of great things for us.

“But in my opinion, I just felt like we allowed him to just be himself. And we gave him the ball every single possession, because he’s really good. He’s an amazing player,” Embiid continued. “Obviously being that great of a passer, we gave him the ball. If you were watching the game, we gave him the ball every single possession to just go out and do his thing.”

“But I thought he did a pretty good job of getting us into an offense and just passing the ball, getting guys open. That’s the reason why he won the assist title last year.”

I’m so glad this situation is over; it was such a dark cloud over the Sixers.

Somehow, this team has dragged the fanbase back in after this trade, mainly because the 76ers look like a well-balanced team and have a great head coach in Nick Nurse. On top of that, the Harden trade has finally given the Sixers some breathing room in terms of cap space and draft picks, presenting a possibility of adding another big-time player to the roster this season.

Honestly, it doesn’t get talked about anywhere near enough how much bullshit Embiid has had to deal with over the years. His lack of success in the post-season will continue to be held against him, but his constant fight and perseverance since the Sixers drafted him are more telling than anything.

It’s so damn hard to win in this league. And I find myself constantly going back to when Embiid missed the first two years of his career due to injury, and we weren’t sure he would ever suit up for the Sixers.

Fast forward to now, he’s won league MVP, multiple all-star appearances, scoring titles, and the constant shot at a championship regardless of circumstances.

Much has been made of how the Sixers will compensate for losing Harden’s playmaking abilities. Luckily, Joel Hans Embiid has appeared to add yet another wrinkle to his game this season.

Joel Embiid’s first 4 games this season without James Harden:

  • 6 assists
  • 8 assists
  • 7 assists
  • 7 assists

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