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Jim Irsay Colts Dreams & Nightmares

Jim Irsay, Indianapolis Colts should be banned from celebrating with Meek Mill ‘Dreams & Nightmares’

The Indianapolis Colts snapped a three-game losing streak against the Carolina Panthers in Week 9, winning 27-13 to improve to 4-5 on the season. 

The Colts struggled in their previous three games leading into their matchup against the Panthers. In their three straight losses, they allowed no fewer than 37 points. That changed in Week 9 thanks to Kenny Moore, who returned two of three Bryce Young interceptions for touchdowns, while Jonathan Taylor hauled in a TD pass from Gardner Minshew to lead the Colts to victory.

Following the game, Colts’ owner Jim Irsay, clearly fired up from the victory, made his way to the locker room and started dancing to Meek Mill’s Dreams & Nightmares. Irsay, clutching onto Colts head coach Shane Steichen’s pointer finger started dancing exactly how you’d expect a 64-year old to dance to Meek Mill. 

Jim Irsay dancing to Dreams & Nightmares following Colts win over Panthers

Looks like Irsay is back on the cocaine folks. Hate to see it.

Listen, call it gatekeeping or literally whatever else you want, but Dreams & Nightmares shouldn’t be on anyone’s Spotify victory playlist unless you’re a professional sports team that resides in Philadelphia.

Everyone knows that Meek Mill, a Philadelphia native, and his song Dreams & Nightmares was the anthem for the Eagles‘ Super Bowl LVII win over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

The song has been played a billion times in the city and even today, you’ll hear it echoing from the parking lots outside of Lincoln Financial Field on game days.

There has to be another song to play in Indianapolis. I really don’t even want Meek Mill or Dreams & Nightmares being associated with that loser franchise. I understand Shane Steichen is there and that he probably had an influence on the song selection but regardless, it just can’t happen.

So let’s do the Colts a solid and take a quick look at rappers that are from Indiana. Surely, that list must have someone worthy enough to make the victory playlist, right?

Notable Rappers from Indianapolis 

  • Mark Battles 
  • Chucky Workclothes 
  • Ugly God
  • Shorty 
  • Crunchy Black 
  • Freddie Gibbs
  • Oreo Jones 
  • Kid Quill 
  • Nyzzy Nyce 

Yikes. Maybe not? I couldn’t name one song from any of those musicians and the only familiar name on the list is Freddie Gibbs. Slim pickings out in middle America. Bummer.

Looks like the Colts will have to extend their search outside of the state and pick literally any song besides one that already has a major impact on a different NFL team.

Shouldn’t be that hard to figure out. Then again, we are talking about the Colts.

Indianapolis will look for their second straight win next Sunday against the New England Patriots. 

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