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Washington Huskies linebacker Alphonzo Tuputala

Washington Huskies linebacker Alphonzo Tuputala does his best DeSean Jackson impression, drops football a yard short of the end zone vs Utah

Washington Huskies linebacker Alphonzo Tuputala went viral yesterday after dropping the football a yard short of what should have been an easy pick-six during his team’s 35-28 win over the Utah Utes.

With the Huskies leading Utah 33-28 late in the third quarter against the Utes, Tuputala caught a tipped pass and went running down the field in what should have been an easy 77-yard touchdown. However, Tuputala dropped the ball on the 1-yard line, thinking he already crossed the goal line and Utah recovered the football. 

Washington Huskies Alphonzo Tuputala drops football short of end zone vs Utah

I mean this wasn’t even close. I am still amazed every time a play like this happens and the football is dropped well before the crossing the goal line. It’s so easily avoidable yet continues to happen. 

That’s a tough pill to swallow. The look on Tuputala’s face after his teammates and coaches made it clear to him that the football never made it into the end zone was priceless. 

Also worth noting, Tuputala’s teammates clearly had no idea that the ball was dropped early either. The only player that recognized what happened was Michael Mokofisi, who was credited with the recovery for Utah. 

That should have helped Washington put the game away. Luckily, the defense got a safety on the next play to go up 35-28 and ultimately won the game to remain undefeated on the season.

Of course, in Philadelphia, we’ve experienced this type of blunder before thanks to DeSean Jackson, who had the same error in a game against the Dallas Cowboys. 

DeSean Jackson Drops Football Short of the End Zone vs Cowboys

Jackson’s was arguably worst since he’s a wide receiver. I can easily see how defensive players, specifically linebackers could make this mistake but D Jax should know better.

Unfortunately, Jackson had a long history of dropping the football short of the end zone.

DeSean Jackson lol. Gotta love em.

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