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Brian Dameris Anti-Harden Video Removed by Bally Sports

Brian Dameris Anti-Harden rant removed from Bally Sports official social media platforms, sparks concerns of NBA Deep State censoring media outlets

Remember when Mavericks announcer Brian Dameris went viral for posting one of the greatest Anti-Harden rants of all time? Yeah, well Bally Sports has now removed the video from their social media platforms, stating that Dameris went against “company values” by speaking the truth on James Harden.

WATCH: Mavericks Announcer Brian Dameris Anti-Harden Rant

That, ladies and gentleman, will go down as one of the best sports rants of all time. An anti-James Harden rant is nothing new, I have ripped off countless of them right here on The Liberty Line. But this one, courtesy of Mavericks TV announcer Brian Dameris, checked every single box and then some. 

For whatever reason, Bally Sports has now removed it from their social media platforms.

Why? I have no idea. There’s literally zero reason to remove the video. It’s been ripped, dubbed over with music, and posted at least a million times since it initially hit social media.

Did James Harden’s camp reach out about the video? Are the Los Angeles Clippers complaining because they now realize that trading for James Harden was a terrible mistake?

Was Adam Silver and the NBA Deep State not happy to have a public account of how Harden has embarrassed the entire league over the past 3 years laid out perfectly on video for the internet to watch?

All questions I listed above seem likely, but according to Sports Illustrated, the removal of the video was a direct decision from Bally Sports.

Here’s what Jimmy Traina over at Sports Illustrated said about the clip being taken down. 

Sources told me that there was zero outside influence at all. The decision to take down the clip solely came from Bally Sports Southwest executives who felt the clip “did not reflect the Mavericks organization.” Somehow, those at Bally Sports Southwest were not in agreement with Dameris’s “editorializing,” according to a source, because it went against the network’s “values.”

Company values? In regards to what exactly?

Brian Dameris was giving a play-by-play of literally EXACTLY what happened with James Harden over the past three years. There’s a reason why the clip was so popular. It was perfect. The fact that Brian Damaris had the balls to actually say it should have been celebrated, not censored. 

Bally Sports likely taking marching orders from the NBA are the ones that should be criticized here. Our hero Brian Dameris doesn’t deserve to have his epic rant removed from the network’s social media platforms.

Removing videos is always the wrong move. You can’t give anyone an inch on the internet or they’ll keep coming back with a new set of rules and regulations on what you can and cannot say.

This is how people get cancelled.

What’s next? Someone says that LeBron James is a puppet of Xi Jinping and communist China (true) and all of the sudden, that’s not allowed to be posted online? This is America. We have the First Amendment for a reason.

Luckily, the real ones know that the internet is undefeated and history will be retweeted.

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