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Mike Trout Phillies Trade

No Brainer: ESPN’s David Schoenfield with a Phillies’ Mike Trout trade proposal that should be signed TODAY

Major League Baseball “Hot Stove” season has been relatively quiet over the first few weeks of free agency and honestly, will probably remain that way until January. Every now and then however, there’s a trade proposal that shouldn’t be ignored. 

David Schoenfield at ESPN wrote an article titled “Why the Phillies should trade for Mike Trout” and his projected trade to bring Trout back home to Philadelphia is something that should get finalized today, assuming it’s actually on the table. 

ESPN David Schoenfield: Phillies Trade Proposal for Mike Trout

So, what might a potential deal look like? The Phillies won’t want to take on all of Trout’s salary and give something back of value, so let’s find a middle ground: Castellanos, outfield prospect Justin Crawford, pitching prospect Griff McGarry and $5 million in cash each year from 2024 to 2026 (basically turning Castellanos’ salary into $15 million per season).

Um. Yeah. That’s almost too good to be true.

ESPN actually thinks Trout can be wearing a Phillies uniform and all we have to give up is Nick Castellanos, Justin Crawford, and Griff McGarry?

Someone get this deal on the desk of Dave Dombrowski and John Middleton immediately. This type of trade was exactly what I had in mind when I wrote my Phillies 2024 Wishlist last week.

To my surprise, there were hundreds, if not thousands of comments across social media saying they did not want Mike Trout in Philadelphia next season.

I still can’t believe that people (casuals) wouldn’t want Trout and trust me, you can save your bullshit “he’s injured all the time” nonsense. I know that. He also fractured his hamate bone and tore a calf muscle. Who cares. Everyone knows Trout has been Hurt but really, the lingering back issues is the only injury of future concern. Even that doesn’t change the fact that when Mike Trout is playing baseball, he’s quite literally the greatest baseball player of all time.

Plus, if you think Mike Trout was going to come back from injury and play meaningless baseball in August and September on a poverty Los Angeles Angels team that had zero chances of making the postseason, then maybe changing your perception on being him of being “injury prone” is a lost cause. 

MVP: Mike Trout won the AL MVP in 2014, 2016 and 2019. In 2022, Trout finished 8th in AL MVP voting, marking the lowest he’s EVER finished for the award in a season where he played enough games to qualify. For any season where the Trout qualified for the AL MVP Award, 2022 was the first time that he failed to finish Top 5 in voting.

Mike Trout Stats

Outside of the above chart, I’m not even going to provide you any additional stats to prove that Trout is the greatest baseball player of all time. Most of you need to do your own research and use this opportunity to educate yourselves on why this trade is the biggest “no brainer” in recent memory. 

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  1. If anything, the Angels would have to eat most of his contract. No way we’re giving up those players and paying cash.

  2. Look at the last four seasons of Trout’s career, I’m not saying he isn’t a great player but it doesn’t do the Phillies any good if he is injury prone. Giving up Nick and prospects, I say no, put money into a starting pitcher.

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