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Jalen Reagor’s Mom is the Perfect Fit for Philadelphia

Yesterday, Jalen Reagor’s mom, Ishia Johnson, fired back at Skip Bayless on Twitter and immediately became a Philadelphian.

Skip, per usual, put out some dumb tweet about the Eagles drafting Reagor instead of the other WR’s that were still on the board.

He’s wrong, of course. Jalen Reagor is the perfect fit for the Eagles. 

Then, this happened:


First of all, anyone snapping back at Skip Bayless, a notable Cowboys fan, is perfectly fine in my book. Ishia is 100% correct and it’s more than just about her son. Everyone on Twitter & social media loves to bash these young college players before they have even have the opportunity to prove themselves. It’s ridiculous.

I assure you, if Reagor doesn’t live up to the 1st round selection, Philadelphia will let him know that. Constantly.

Cheers to you, Ishia Johnson, we’re going to get along just fine.

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