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Best Bets: Eagles vs Cardinals

Snow is a real problem when the temperatures stay cold. It turns out it doesn’t really go anywhere and then turns to nearly invisible ice. It’s a hair raising experience driving in Roxborough this week there is a 50/50 chance that you will slide down a hill straight into the Schuylkill River.

Since being forced from behind the wheel, I have been doing a fair bit of walking this week to get around town. I have noticed every block is the same. You will find yourself making good time with dry feet and then without fail there is a section of unkept tundra that could be snow, ice or both. Inevitably you have to embark back onto the street because it provides the better alternative to lying on your hip or getting powder in your socks.

But there are also positives. Snow is the great tell-all. It makes identifying your good neighbors from your deadbeat ones. After five days it is clear who never moves their vehicles from the prime spots directly in front your house. It is painfully obvious which neighbor would rather you slip and break your wrist than take 30 minutes to shovel and throw down a few handfuls of salt.

Do not worry! I am about to tie this all back into football with a terrible analogy.

This Eagles season is no different than your local neighborhood sidewalk after a snowstorm. Each time you think you are truly headed in the right direction and just about to take the next step, you hit the snow and ice directly in front of Carson Wentz’s house. Carson forced us into the street with his terrible quarterbacking.

Even though he seems really nice every time you say hello, everyone now knows what kind of guy he truly is. The neighbor with the huge Diesel truck taking up two parking spaces. The neighbor with two unused bags of rock salt hibernating on his front porch. The block has lost all confidence in house #11.

Meanwhile your Gen-Z neighbor Jalen, who is fresh out of college and doesn’t even own a car or a shovel managed to clear his area and the elderly couple down the block. Jalen is someone we can all place our trust in. He gets it and people like him.

My prediction and best bets are below.

Final Score

Eagles 27-Cardinals 25

Im not buying the Arizona Cardinals. Kyler Murray is definitely injured. The Cardinals were at their best early in the season when Murray had full mobility and the opposing defense had to respect his legs. Murray ran the ball 13 times last week against the Giants out of desperation for a win, only averaging 3.6 YPC.

The Arizona Cardinals are running directly into the strength of a rejuvenated Eagles defense. I hate this Eagles team. I really do. But I think they win this game.

Miles Sanders over 63.5 rushing yards

Doug Pederson cant ignore his best option anymore. Sanders is playing his best football as defenses are tiring. Arizona is 17th in rushing defense this season and trending in the wrong direction.

Eagles +6 & Over 49.5

Both teams are hungry for the W and will remain aggressive throughout the contest. As opposed to the low scoring winter games we have seen at the Linc in the past few season, the Eagles are a good bet for overs on the road.

DeAndre Hopkins over 85 receiving yards

The Eagles really struggle against true No.1 receiving threats. Look no further than the game against Seattle and DK Metcalf a couple of weeks ago. Darius Slay may not be able to go this week which only makes me like this bet more. The odds of a former Clemson star eviscerating this Gamecock fan are 100%.

Fly Eagles Fly.

Mandatory Credit: USA Today

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