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Ben Simmons

Watch: Howard Eskin trashes Ben Simmons at Eagles Camp

Howard Eskin was at Eagles Camp today to cover the Eagles. At the start of camp, Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni greeted the media filth lined up outside of the NovaCare Complex. Sirianni gave each of them a fist bump as he joined the Eagles players on the field for the start of practice.

This all seems relatively normal. Sirianni certainly has an energetic personality and members of the Eagles media love to post video clips all over social media from Eagles Camp. No big deal at all. However, turn that sound on when you watch this video. You can hear that rat Howard Eskin talking about Ben Simmons.

Howard Eskin on Ben Simmons:

This is nothing new. We are all well aware that the Eskins, in this case Howard Eskin, absolutely hate Ben Simmons. Howard specifically has reminded us time and time again how much he hates the Sixers with his dumb tweets and whatever blabbers on about on the radio. This old man doesn’t shut up about Ben Simmons jump shot. He embodies everything that’s wrong with Philadelphia’s sports talk radio and the coverage around our young sports stars.

He never talks about Ben Simmons and his elite level defense. He continuously fails to mention how Ben Simmons can control the pace of a game and is masterful at facilitating the ball to open teammates. He certainly did not mention how Ben had 15 assists and 15 rebounds in game one while locking down one of the NBA’s top scoring threats in Bradley Beal.

It’s hard to make out the full conversation with the music bumping in the background. But it’s very clear that there was mentions of Simmons “not wanting to get fouled” and how there “wont be a parade.”

I can’t figure out why Howard Eskin has a job or is even allowed to cover the Sixers. To make things worse, people give him, his son, and Elliott Shore Parks the engagement they need online when they say ridiculous things about the Sixers and Ben Simmons. Eskin is nothing but a fraud and he has always has been a fraud. This should come as no surprise to anyone who listens and follows Philadelphia sports.

Anyone talking about Ben Simmons’ point total in game one against the Wizards is dumb. There’s no other way to look at it. It’s a boring, lazy narrative. There were 5 Key Takeaways from Game One and none of them were Ben Simmons and his point total.

Few Other Comments on the Video:

BLG from SB Nation trying to play rock, paper, scissors with Sirianni is unbelievably awkward. I cringed for him.

Elliott Shore Parks is like 3 foot tall and looks like a total tool bag.

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