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Rumor: Trailblazers Uninterested in a McCollum/Harris Swap

According to Sam Leweck and the Blazer Focus podcast, the Portland Trail Blazers would not be interested in trading CJ McCollum in exchange for Tobias Harris.

These two squads have been connected in rumors, but primarily for Ben Simmons.

Portland has affirmed Damian Lillard is not available in any trade, leaving CJ McCollum as the main player left for them to make a significant move. A report recently stated Philadelphia is uninterested in a McCollum/Simmons swap. But with the connection between these two teams and the need for them both to improve their rosters leads people to believe there is an inevitable deal.

Although Portland is reportedly not making a trade for Harris, it does make a bit of sense. Harris is by no means a needle-mover for Portland, but it would allow them to slide Norman Powell back to his natural position. This immediately improves their defense, and Harris is still averaging 19 points per game. So the scoring lost with McCollum would be added back with Harris.

Of course, this would be an ideal swap for Philadelphia. The Sixers would obtain a high octane perimeter scorer in exchange for the clashing style of Harris. This also gives them more options in late game situations. Not to mention giving Embiid some relief as a strong scoring option.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be a reasonable outcome for either side. While both teams are looking to upgrade their rosters, the potential for a Portland and Philadelphia trade partnership is dwindling down as the days pass.

Mandatory Credit: Troy Waryren – USA Today

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