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Eagles’ fan’s humiliating beatdown goes viral

So, it turns out the Philadelphia Eagles practice squad weren’t the loan recipients of a lopsided beatdown by guys in Cowboys jerseys last Sunday. Video evidence has emerged of a fight in the stands of Lincoln Financial Field. Let me tell you something, it’s a doozy.

The Eagles fan just gets absolutely demolished.

So the first thing you’ll notice when you watch the video is that “12” has apparently invited over a couple of gentlemen, one of whom is wearing a CeeDee Lamb jersey to come dance with him. This is his first mistake. It’s an absolute bozo move. Any Philly guy knows the last person you pick a fight with is a guy wearing a blue 88 Cowboys jersey. Chances are if he’s from Philly and he’s wearing that jersey, he’s been waiting to fight someone all day. That, or his parents did hold him enough as a child, but who is to judge?

Going back to the days of Michael Irvin, the blue 88 has been the go-to Cowboys jersey for stone cold lunatics. Tangle with them at your own risk. A lot of them are multiple felons, or worse, perverts.

This is an important point I want to hammer home.

So many of you keyboard warriors out there like to talk about how you’d handle a loud mouthed Cowboys fan. Let me explain to you that Philly-based Cowboys fans often choose to root for that team specifically to have excuses to fight. They love it. 

Next let’s talk about “12” and his stance. My goodness. I don’t believe that’s any kind of sanctioned style. His legs are so far apart Jake Elliot almost lined up to kick a field goal through them. Even if this guy connected, he’s more likely to break his hand than someone’s face. This is your first clue things are going to go poorly for 12.

Lamb Jersey just absolutely overpowers him. It’s like watching a knife go through an out of shape and drunk stick of butter. Lamb Jersey’s whole crew follows him and starts swinging on what I can only assume are 12’s crew. There appears to be little to no pushback. 

Now some trolls out there might be saying “How could a bunch of Eagles fans let one of their own get beat up in their home stadium?” or “Eagles fans have gone soft.” Neither of these statements are true.

First, the fight happened late in a blowout. Most sane Eagles fans had left. Secondly, only a true moron gets into a fistfight at a sporting event to “save” someone else. I don’t care what jersey a guy is wearing, if you are fighting at a game, I assume everyone involved is a jackass and claim no allegiance.

What am I supposed to do? Put down my beer and go rescue you because you never took boxing lessons as a child? Seriously, I can’t get over how 12 was holding his hands. Truly immaculate.

So the lesson here today: Don’t fight in the stands.

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