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College Basketball Parlays, a Straight Play, and Player Performance Doubles for tonight’s action

Two parlays and a straight play tonight, let’s get it! That’s what we’ve got on tap tonight. Listen I’m trying to cut back on these parlays a bit as we gear up for March Madness next week. However, when you hit 6 or 7 player performance doubles in one night and cash a +340 straight play, you give yourself some wiggle room to get a little weird. Tonight is weird Wednesday.

First up, the straight play

Jaylen Brown over 33.5 points, rebounds and assists. The number actually seems almost too high which is why I like it so much. Typically any time the number feels too high, that’s just Vegas trying to scare us Under.

Ain’t scaring shit tonight, fellas..

Last four games vs the Hornets he’s hit that number three times.

I feel one of those Jaylen Brown 8+ three point attempt nights and a cover.

College Basketball Parlays

Now to the fun stuff. Here’s a four-team all money line college basketball parlay.

Trust me. I am fully aware that some people are going to bitch and whine about the value here.

“Joe, that’s not enough value for four legs!!!”

Waaaaaahhhhhhhh. Don’t care. Just don’t play it then. We don’t call it weird Wednesday for nothing.

Yes these are all big favorites and yes I know it’s March. I just don’t see these teams losing tonight. Too much juice to ML bet straight, screw it, toss them in the blender together and let’s ride.

Player Performance Doubles

And for our last play of the night we’re dipping our toe back in the Player Performance Doubles pool again with two picks I feel are absolute steals.

We’ve got Giannis Double-Double/Bucks Win & Luka Double-Double/Mavs Win +350.

Bucks are hosting the Hawks while the Mavericks are hosting the Knicks. Neither game, fingers crossed, should be a blow out, which is the only way I think both players don’t hit their double double numbers.

Giannis is averaging a double double, while Luka is one rebound and 1.2 assists a game away from averaging a triple double this season.

As always, bet responsibly but especially when you’re messing around with parlays. Tonight is a reach aka Weird Wednesday.

Let’s have ourselves a night and get ready for the return of Ben Simmons tomorrow. I’m going to cook up something special for that game.


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