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Known asshole Howard Eskin calls Joel Embiid a clown, tells him to grow up over tweet about the Miami Heat

Yesterday I posted an article about the fake outrage surrounding Joel Embiid’s tweets about the Heat-Celtics game on Wednesday night. For whatever reason, people actually got mad about Embiid stating that the Miami Heat needed another star, as the Celtics beat the crap out of them in a pivotal Game 5 win.

The response was typical. Honestly, it wasn’t surprising that people would freak out about that. Of course, they were totally wrong and flat-out stupid for being upset about it. That was just Joel Embiid serving up yet another masterclass in online trolling. 

Embiid followed it up with another tweet saying that everyone was acting stupid about it with a few laughing emojis to cool everyone’s nerves. Then of course, yesterday afternoon, Howard Eskin had to crawl out of his hole and comment on the tweet, hours after the whole thing was completely squashed and the entire internet had moved on.

Howard Eskin Tweet to Joel Embiid

I’m not even sure where to begin. Let’s start with the fact that Howard Eskin was calling the tweet childish and cryptic while acknowledging the tweets that followed where Embiid reassured the morons who thought he was serious that he was in fact, just trolling and enjoying the basketball game. 

Note: That’s literally the opposite of cryptic, Howard. Jesus Christ. Of course, Howard being the old, dried up corpse that he is failed to realize that. 

Also, I think it’s important to be crystal clear that 76ers fans DO NOT want Howard Eskin, or his son, Brett (Spike) Eskin ever speaking on any platform for them. The Eskin family is the worst thing that ever happened to Philadelphia and even the people that listen to Rights to Ricky Sanchez would agree that the only good part of that dumb podcast is the other guy who apparently lives in California. 

You can even go as far as saying no one really gives a fuck what Howard Eskin has to say about the Eagles either. I know him hating on the Sixers and all other sports is Howard Eskins thing but give me a break dude. 

Joel Embiid defines what it means to be a Philadelphian. He has embraced this city since he was drafted here and continues to do everything possible to bring a championship to Philadelphia. He’s the NBA Scoring Champion, All-NBA, and the rightful MVP of the league. 

Now we have media members calling him a clown and telling him to grow up? 

How insulting. It’s honestly disgusting that WIP, Audacy, and anyone associated with Howard Eskin puts up with this bullshit. What a fucking embarrassment. The entire thing goes back to the simple fact that Sports Radio WIP is filled with a bunch of hot take frauds that don’t deserve any of the attention this city boundlessly gives them.

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